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Subject: Re: St.Georges Cemetery/Apologies to Listers
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 15:34:11 +0200
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Hi Vic ... et al,
Thanks for pointing out these chapters - much appreciated! Will follow this
up when I have the time as I have been swamped with (non-genealogical) work
for the past two months and am - genealogically speaking - starting to
suffer severe withdrawal symptoms. I am also consumed with guilt as I owe
replies to quite a few Listers. My sincere apologies to all of you - will
get back to you as soon as work normalizes.

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> Hello Keith and Kathy,
> C.GRAHAM BOTHA's books "General History And Social Life Of The Cape Of
> Hope".Vol 1 & 2.
> Chapter 10 : The following extracts of marriages at the Cape of Good Hope
> will, I think, be of interest to the British genealogist, as they comprise
> the marriages of those born in the British Isles. The extracts have been
> made from two sources, each used simultaneously : the Minutes of the
> Proceedings of the Matrimonial Court and the Cape Town Gazette. From the
> C.T.Gazette, I have taken particulars of the date and place where the
> marriage took place. (a) Dutch Reformed Church
> (b) English Church (c) Colonial Chaplain (d) Special licence granted by
> Governor (e) Chaplain to His Majesty's Forces (f) Burke's Peerage and
> Baronetage (g) Burke's Family Records, 1897 (h) Burke's Landed Gentry.
> Chapter 11 : List of children baptized at the Cape , in the English Church
> there, or by the Chaplain to His Majesty's Forces.
> Chapter 9 : List of British persons, who were burried at the Cape of G.H.
> between the years 1795 and 1815, is extracted from the Death Registers of
> the Orphan Chamber.
> Chapter 12 : List of British persons, who died at the Cape between 1816
> 1826. Extracted from the Death Register kept in the Orphan Chambers.
> Best regards from the Friendly City,
> Vic.
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