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Date: 24 Jul 2001 18:29:37 EDT


This is the SA Genealogy Letter/Number system devised by (probably) someone
like C.C. de Villiers. (I could look it up ...)

The progenitor (father of a child born in SA) is "a". If there were brothers,
(and if their father had no more children born in SA?) then they are a1, a2,
... The three de Villiers brothers are an example.

The first child of an "a" is b1. Then, b2, b3, etc. The eldest child of any
"b" is c1. etc., etc.

You will find this numbering system used in de Villiers / Pama, SA
Genealogies, etc. (including the Meintjes family book). The reason I quoted
the numbers is to make the person easy to find in the references.

Best wishes


"Bernie Cramer" <> wrote:
Hi Keith,
Please explain the numbers and letters above the James
Regards, Bernie.
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> Your "Jimmie" is
> b4 c3 d4 e9 f2 g1 h1
> James Burnett MEINTJES * 24.11.1915 x Barbara Kramer
> There is no information on their descendants.
> You can get the Meintjes Family CD from April Blakely
> <> for US$15 postpaid anywhere. Or, if
you just
> want a couple of pages, I can scan and send them to you.
> You will find this line up to b4 c3 d4 e9 f2 in SA Genealogies 5
(see p. 515)
> although the Meintjes Family book has more detail.
> Best wishes
> Keith
> PS: Always search on plausible misspellings. Cramer / Kramer. I
> missed a biography of the writer/artist Johannes MEINTJES because
"Die Burger"
> indexed it as MEINTJIES.
> =======================
> "Bernie Cramer" <> wrote:
> Hi Keith,
> The following names are from my family, they may be of interest,
> Elaine MEINTJES, ( maiden name ) I don't know her married name, (my
> cousin), her parents were:-
> Barbara MEINTJES, born CRAMER, Married Jimmy MEINTJES, both
> I don't know their full names or any dates, I was two tickies and a
> half brick when I last saw them, Barbara was one of my father's
> sisters,
> Regards Bernie..
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