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From: "Gerold Whittaker" <>
Subject: FW: [BOER-WAR] Database of Deaths in Anglo Boer War
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 09:57:13 +0200

A cross-posting from the Boer-War list I thought someone could benefit from.
Gerold Whittaker.

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From:John Wilson [mailto:]
Sent:20 August 2001 08:11
Subject:[BOER-WAR] Database of Deaths in Anglo Boer War

The South African "National Monuments Council" database of Anglo Boer War
deaths is at:
Ms Jean Beater of the Council Burial Sites Unit, Johannesburg describes the
database below. She can be contacted for any further details and photos
avaliable, via email:

or at the address given below.

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From:Jean Beater <>
Sent:Wednesday, 15 August 2001 22:30
Subject:Re: New Zealand deaths in Anglo Boer War

Dear Mr Wilson

1. Your email of yesterday regarding the above refers. I don't know if you
realise that your initial enquiry went to SAHRA head office in Cape Town
before been directed to the Burial Sites Unit that deals with graves, burial
grounds, etc. I am surprised their is no postal address on the webpage but
the postal address for the Unit is: P.O. Box 87552, Houghton, Johannesburg,
2041 and for Head Office it is: Box 4637, Cape Town, 8000.
2. With the end of the centenary of the Anglo-Boer War in May next year I
doubt that the database intro will be updated. However I can answer most of
your questions. I am not sure about the exact number of entries but roughly
I would say there are 20 000 or so British entries and 6 100 Boer entries.
We have not captured all the concentration camp casualties but I would say
there are about 12 000 entries in this regard.
3. The list also contains the names of those whose burial site is unknown
or whose death was presumed or who went missing. British includes Imperial,
Colonial and SA units and the database includes the names of Black, Coloured
and Indian men who served in units. There are not many names in this regard
as info is scarce but we have been able to find several names. We have also
added the names of the Black people who died in the concentration camps set
up with the White concentration camps. Again, information is scarce but we
have found several lists that have been added to the database.
4. It would be appreciated to receive your list of the New Zealanders who
died here during the War so that I can cross-check the information with what
we have.
All the best
J.L. Beater
Burial Sites Unit

Note on New Zealand Contingents deaths:
There were about 236 deaths listed for the (Ten) New Zealand Contingents to
the Boer War; but only 185 were in South Africa (113 were in cemeteries,
most of the other 72 were originally buried on the veldt, and the body of a
trooper who drowned was not recovered).
The other deaths included 2 in Rhodesia (Bulawayo & Salisbury), 1 in Beira,
Portugese East Africa, and one each in London and Australia. There were also
8 at sea on returning troopships, and the trooper who died at Albany,
Australia was from a troopship. There were 38 deaths in New Zealand,
including 20 on Somes Island (the Wellington Quarantine Station) from
pneumonia which was rife on the returning troopship Britannic.
Hence deaths may not appear on the South African "National Monuments
Council" database, although Ms Beater says that they include deaths in South
Africa even where there is no known burial site. A number of deaths occur
after discharge or away from South Africa.
Yours, John Wilson (Wellington, New Zealand)

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