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Subject: Possible Virus Solution
Date: Sun, 2 Dec 2001 12:50:13 EST

Hello, All,

I don't usuallly get involved in any of these virus discussions. However, I
picked up a suggestion from another list that makes sense to me. Maybe one of
the computer gurus on the list can say whether they think it will really work
or not. In the meantime, I have implemented it. Also, I subscribe to all of
my lists in digest mode which, I believe, helps to reduce my exposure.

Here's the suggestion!

This is one suggestion to protect your address book from viruses:
In your address book enter the following new addresses:
1. !000 virus alert

2. Z000 virus alert

These two email addresses will be the first and last entry of your address
book. Seeing that they are not viable addresses, the virus will be stopped
when it enters either the top or bottom of your list.

Jean Campbell
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

In South Africa....CAMPBELL, HOATSON, PAGE (a brand new name), & TAYLOR


(I know! I have to do something about this addressnow that has
expanded it!!)

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