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From: Keith Meintjes <>
Subject: Re: [Early Catholic churches]
Date: 21 Jan 2002 09:47:58 EST

According to Lombard's Handbook (p.80):

"As regards the Roman Catholic Church, ecclesiastical jurisdiction over the
Cape Colony was entrusted to the Apostolic Vicar of Mauritius until 1837 and
the ministry was only sporadic. In 1837 a vicarate was established at the
Cape Colony and Bishop Patrick Raymond Griffith was sent to South Africa as
the first resident vicar."

W.E. Brown, "The Catholic Church in South Africa".

If there is a central repository fot the Church's records, I imagine it might
be St. Mary's in Cape Town. You might try an e-mail to

Best wishes
"Brady" <> wrote:
Hi Listers

Does anyone have a history of the establishment of Catholic churches in the
Cape Colony up to 1850? Or any links to on-line sources? Contact details for
extant churches would be welcome.


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