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Subject: Re: [ZA] South African College, around 1835
Date: Thu, 04 Jul 2002 04:47:08 +1200

No Lingenfelder mentioned.
But the first chapter of some 23 pages mentions the early days 1828-1841.
Just a quick scan I notice that there was a smallpox epidemic. roll down to
"three professors were appointed to conduct this draconian
institution.......The Rev. E. Judge took the chair of English classics, that
is, everything that was not science taught through the medium of English;
the Rev. A Faure one of the protagonists of the free press now so happily
secured, the chair of Dutch classics; the Rev, J Adamson, that of
mathematics presumably everything not already accounted for...." p15
It is possibly a 'rare' book but not yet I think out of copyright for it to
be put on CD. But as it was printed and published by the Cape Times (1929)
why not ask for a reprint edition? Most worth while I should say. Apart from
the historical info it is a delightful read!

>I am looking for background information on Johan George Lingenfelder, who
>was a student there prior to his death on the 27 April 1835, at the age of
>20 years, 11 months.
>Considering his age I would assume he was there for higher education
>purposes, do any of the books mention for what trade or academic training
>specialised between 1829-1835 ?
Cape Town, where he drew up his will a few days prior to his death, so it
>is likely that he was stricken with illness. He and his sister Elizabeth
> I would imagine
>the book by Eric Walker, "The South Africa college and the University of
>Cape town 1829-1929" is a rare print, and would have some difficulty in
>getting hold of. What sort of information does it have on the early
>ie the years 1829-35 of the college?
>I am also having e-mail troubles, I did not receive the e-mail I sent to
>list to make this request, since I have received replies from Pat, Lynn,
>Karen and Leslie, It would seem my e-mail was received. So if anyone is
>having difficulty replying, please e-mail me directly at
>Thanks once again for you kind help.
>Best wishes,
>Mark Lingenfelder.
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