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Subject: Re: [ZA] An Intro... Walker, Crofton, Morris, Turner family
Date: Thu, 4 Jul 2002 15:03:33 +0200
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Hello Derek

I have information on the Morris Family from Shorehampton, Oxford Oxon,
England. Richard Henry Morris started his building company RH Morris in
Cape Town in 1887. His cousin William Morris was created Baron in 1934
(Viscount Nuffield).
Other surnames associated with this family are Devine, Townsend and Lylell.
If this is the Morris family you are looking for please contact off list

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Subject: RE: [ZA] An Intro... Walker, Crofton, Morris, Turner family


I have a few records of the descendants of James MORRIS (b. 18.08.1817 -
Ashby de la Zouch d. 16.03.1904 - Cape Town) and owned the small farm
Ecklenburg in Rondebosch in the 1850's. There is also a MORRIS family
"plot" in Maitland Cemetery.

Regarding your query for an unabridged birth certificate, go to the HA
site at and download the official form
(in Acrobat PDF format) and instructions for requesting the certificate.
I think the cost is about R40 and it takes a few months.

John Titterton
Cape Town

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Subject: [ZA] An Intro... Walker, Crofton, Morris, Turner family

Having just signed up this week I thought it was about time to post an
intro of sorts. My name is Derek and as you can see from the subject
my interest lie in Walker, Crofton, Morris, and Turner family lines. The

Walker side of the family is very murky, all information I do have is of
fathers father.. who was James Walker (aka Jimmy), his wife being Rose
On my mothers side I do have quite a bit of information, however, my
Grandmother, (Morris) birth records do not seem to appear in the UK
was wear she was born, while I have almost no information on where my
grandfather (Herbert Turner) was born (apparently Grahamstown). If
could shed any light for me... I would appreciate it.

My second question is as follows, what alternatives do we have to obtain

records from Home affairs, I have been waiting now since 1998 for my own

unabridged birth certificate, is there anybody one can approach at HA
directly to obtain these records without going through local offices?
does anybody know if records of migrants to this country who arrived by
ship are held here at all.. or are would the country they migrated from
hold these??

Any information or leads would be helpful.
Derek Walker.

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