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Subject: Re: [ZA] A Mother's Passing
Date: Fri, 6 Dec 2002 16:44:42 +0200
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Hi April

Please relay our sincere condolences to your family members and relatives

Cape Town

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Subject: [ZA] A Mother's Passing

> Dear Friends,
> It is with deep sadness that I must announce the death of my mother-
> Patricia Rorke Blakely.
> She was the daughter of Edgar Niland Rorke and a descendant of Captain
> Michael Rorke, who settled in South Africa in 1823 from Ireland. Mom was
> extremely proud of her heritage and took a special interest in the
> research I've conducted over the last five years.
> She passed from this world into the house of God last Sunday morning,
> December 1st, and was celebrated in a praise memorial service on Tuesday
> evening. I was blessed to develop my interest in our family history while
> Mom was still able to share her stories of our family. We have spent
> past few days sharing some of those stories and remembering a truly grand
> lady.
> Despite our family's sadness, life moves forward and it is with great
> happiness that I also announce the birth my mother's first
> Michaela Elizabeth was born a few hours ago right on time. She and her
> mother, my niece Andrea, are both healthy and doing well. Her birth gives
> me something wonderful to focus on during these tough days as I learn to
> move on without my mother.
> Regards,
> April Blakely
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