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Subject: RE: [ZA] Big Thanks to Derek
Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2003 20:15:47 +0200
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Hi Gents,
I should have mentioned that Samuel Kerr appears on the CDNI database, which
is a project driven by Adelbert Semmelink of the Western Cape GSSA.
I'm sure that he would be able to confirm where the records are at this
stage, as he has been heavily involved in co-ordinating the scanning and
For more on this, have a look at and select CDNI.

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Hi Midge
Up to 1958 are now at the Archives. I have a feeling that if you ask for
1959 at the Master's Office they'll tell you they are at the Archives - so
Isuspect they are some where in between. Obviously 1949-1958 DN do not
appear on NAAIRS yet.

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Subject: [ZA] Big Thanks to Derek

> A big thank you to Derek for one of my Cape Masters Office lookup,
> It is very much appreciated.
> Derek, I meant to ask when I wrote to you earlier today, did you have to
> to the C.M.Office for the 1950 Samuel Kerr lookup? Or was it in the
> database all along ? I'm curious about that.
> I kept thinking about Samuel's 9 Pounds !!, most of the day as I rode the
> motorbike around the farm that I'm in charge of for a week. Shifting
> sheep - gives one plenty of time to think about genealogy, then straight
> onto the PC when I got home.
> I have heaps and heaps of clues from that DN Derek and may even be able to
> track down a living rellie in Cape Town.
> One day when I can visit South Africa I will be inviting a lot of you folk
> out for a dinner to try to repay you for all your generous lookups !!
> Cheers
> Midge
> New Zealand
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