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Subject: Fw: [ZA] Hamilton, Fielding and Captain Barnes
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2003 16:06:43 +0200

Dear Ivy,

In going through some old e-m's to the List I discovered this one of yours.
I wonder if the William HAMILTON - which your "very distant family
connection in Australia" refers to - was my gr. gr. gr. grandmother,
Catherine Frances HAMILTON' s brother? I recently found a reference in the
St. George's Anglican Church 'A1939' files held at the Cape Archives which
reads: "On 12.4.1850 Wlliam HAMILTON, aged ?41 (could also be 51 - writing
not clear!), Merchant, of Sir Lowry Road, Cape Town, was buried in Plot 364,
St. George's Burial Grounds, Cape Town". At the time, Catherine and her
husband, Francis Bernard FIELDING lived next door to William HAMILTON in Sir
Lowry Road, Cape Town. Catherine and Francis Bernard were buried in plots
341 and 377 in February 1850 and February 1852 respectively. Unfortunately
the St. George's Burial Grounds don't exist any more and the remains were
reinterred at nearby Maitland Cemetery. Of interest is that two of the
Fielding couple's children were named 'Henry' and 'William'. The names
'John', 'Jane', 'Elizabeth' and 'Dorothy' also occur regularly in my
Fielding family.

I notice your cousin mentions that William and Elizabeth HAMILTON "got
married in 1839 in Caledon, Transvaal". Must have been Caledon, Cape as
there is no Caledon in the Transvaal! I could perhaps try and track down
this marriage for your cousin at the Cape Archives.

I have been trying to track down Catherine's HAMILTON family for years and
have no idea who her parents were or where they came from. I do know that
Catherine and Francis got married in the Ballmoden Parish, in Bandon, near
Cork, Ireland in 1817 - but this marriage was frowned upon by Francis
Bernard FIELDING's mother, Elizabeth CAMPBELL of the Campbells of the House
of Argylle, Scotland (her brother was the heir to the Dukedom of Argylle) as
Catherine was not considered "highborn" enough for her son! Francis and
Catherine came out to the Cape with the 98th Regiment in December 1824 and
were a devoted couple, she literally pining away within 2 years after his

Your "distant cousin" wouldn't happen to know whether John and Elizabeth
HAMILTON had a daughter, Catherine Frances HAMILTON, born between 1797 and
1799? If you have an e-m address for them I would be ecstatic. Sorry I can't
help you with your BARNES connection, Ivy - I do hope that by now someone
else has been able to do so.


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Subject: [ZA] Hamilton and Captain Barnes

> I received the information below from a very distant family connection in
Australia. Has anybody any information on the CAPTAIN BARNES mentioned? It
looks as though JOHN HAMILTON was either a soldier or employed by the
Captain, and knowing the regiment might help to find out the movements of
this couple. Any help in order to help my 'cousin' would be much
> Go Well! Ivy Trott.
> We are looking for
> the death of William Hamilton - born 25 Oct 1797 in
> Scotland to John Hamilton and Dorothy Hampton. He
> apparently was in the army and went to South Africa
> with a captain Barnes (Elizabeth Phillips was the
> governess of Cpt Barnes children) William Hamilton and
> Eliz. Phillips married in 1839 in Caledon Transvaal
> South Africa (no exact date, info from an old family
> tree). Their son William Phillips Hamilton was born in
> 1840 in Capetown. I dont know when they went to South
> America but William Hamilton's brother and sister,
> Henry and Jane both died 27/10/1858 in Buenos Aires
> and the family tree says for William Hamilton 1858?
> Buenos Aires? Elizabeth Phillips and 2 children
> returned to England. We don't know if William Hamilton
> returned to South Africa or if he did die in South
> America. As we don't know anyone there or speak
> Spanish it makes it difficult! Hopefully if you can't
> find a death in South Africa it may rule that out.
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