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From: "Bernie Cramer" <>
Subject: [ZA] JACOBSDAL where is it ?
Date: Sun, 6 Apr 2003 22:37:47 +0200

Hello All,

I'm hoping you help me with a problem, for years I've been wondering
why when my Grandfather died, transported him from Ottoshoop, where he
died to Jacobsdal,[in the OFS] where he was buried, I have a photo
from my Dad's photo album, of Joseph Joshua CRAMER's grave , marked in
my Dad's hand, " Dads grave, Jacobsdal " this was taken in 1931 just
after the tombstone was erected.

Then I received digital images of the documents that were filed by my
Grandmother's father, Benjamin Alfred SPARKS, for rehabilitation after
the bankruptcy of his farm, which was actually his wife's inheritance
from her father, Joseph WHITEHEAD, these documents were all signed at
" Jacobsdal, Marico District " Therefore "Jacobsdal " must be the
name of the farm, and not the town in the Orange Free State. I have
looked on all the maps that I have of the Marico District and cannot
see any farm with that name marked, can someone with more accurate
maps help,?
I spoke to my 70 yr old Aunt this weekend, she is the wife of my
deceased Dad's youngest sibling, who passed away 10th Sept 2001. She
remembers once going to the cemetery to view the grave and seems to
recall it being on a farm but cannot remember if the farm had a name.

as always, all help is appreciated !

Bernard L Cramer,
Scottsville, 3209,
KZN, South Africa.
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