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From: "Steve Hayes" <>
Subject: Re: [ZA] Name Change - Meintjes to Menzies
Date: Tue, 9 Mar 2004 06:10:19 +0200
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On 8 Mar 2004 at 19:32, Keith Meintjes wrote:

> Can the legal eagles on the list please explain what the procedure is / was to
> change one's surname?
> I have found a case where the surname was allegedly changed from Meintjes to
> Menzies. This was in the Transvaal, Mafeking, about 1955. Although the names
> are similar, there is no evidence the two families are connected by common
> ancestry.
> Where would I find a legal petition? I am simply interested in the reasons
> for the name change. Does one have to give a reason?

In the late 1930s the Aliens Act required people who wanted to change their
name to reguister it, with the exception of women who, on marriage, could
take the name of their husband, or at any time they could take the name of
any former husband or their maiden name if they wished.

The Act was introduced to control Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany, or
German spies (take your pick). I've found name changes in the URU section of
archives (minutes of the executive committe of the cabinet), which have only
recently been opened.

It might be looking at the text of the Act itself to see if it said where
changes of name shoudl be registered.

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