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From: "John Hunt" <>
Subject: RE: [ZA] Free burghers on Liesbeeck - Cloete
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 2004 09:30:10 -0500

Hi Keith,
Thanks for your continued interest. This is indeed the missing link. It
ties up all the scraps of information I have been trying to link together.
I had always noted that Hermann Remajenne was from Cologne, as were Jacob
and Elsje Cloeten. Many of the properties were worked by partnerships of
two or more people, or people with paid workers.
How can I get the book in the USA? It sounds to me like a private,
limited edition. If someone can find it in SA, I don't mind buying it and
having it mailed.
My next request: For SKS in CT to find Ecklenburg Flats on Belmont Road
and get a photo & maybe a street map of some kind, so that I can ID the area
in the family history. That really would tie things in to the present day.
Again, I don't mind reimbursing expenses.

Thanks again,
John Hunt

>From: Keith Meintjes <>
>Subject: [ZA] Free burghers on Liesbeeck - Cloete
>Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2004 21:32:25 -0500
>I took a look at "the Louws of Louwvliet", and found the answer.
>This book is based on original research by Jannie Louw and Lalie Malan.
>They say (on Page 2):
>The adjoining farm of 13 morgen on the north was also part of the original
>Groenevelt and was owned by the insubordinate batchelor, Hermann Remajenne
>Cologne, one of the first nine settlers. The farm was named Rouwkoop on 5
>January 1660, and today Rouwkoop Road and Rouwkoop Avenue, south of the
>Rondebosch Boy's Preparatory School serve to remind us of its location.
>Living with Remajenne were Jacob Cloeten, his wife Sophia Raderootjes, and
>their two children. Cloeten, who had started as a farmhand to Remajenne on
>August 1657 when he received his letter of freedom, was granted a farm of
>morgen further north on
>10 October 1657. (This later became the southern portion of Eijklenberg,
>named in 1701. The present Ecklenburg Flats in Belmont Road are on the old
>There is much more in this book on the daily lives and relationships of the
>early burgers. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
>Best wishes,
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