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From: "Lynda Price" <>
Subject: Re: Please READ and COMPREHEND this MESSSAGE!! Re: [ZA] 1820s ships and Ackermanns
Date: Sat, 3 Apr 2004 11:23:22 +0100
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I apologise for causing you such anger and annoyance. And I am sorry to be
the recipient of your anger which I have to say is somewhat unreasonable.
Unfortunately I have not been doing geneology for 5 years, I have just
started and don't know who Conrad is or any of the other insider references
you have stated.
I asked a civil question and your response is disappointing. If you don't
like my question, you were not required to answer it.
All of us have some specialist knowledge of some subjects Maureen, I am 100%
confident I will know some things that you don't and would not dream of
being so elitist and rude about my knowledge. Everyone else on this site,
without exception, has been generous and kind, yours is the first arrogant
and exclusionist response I have had.
I am once again, sorry to have caused you such excessive and uncontrolled
Lynda Price

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From: "Maureen Brady" <>
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Sent: Friday, April 02, 2004 10:14 PM
Subject: Please READ and COMPREHEND this MESSSAGE!! Re: [ZA] 1820s ships and

> Do any of you ever take notice of -- that is, READ -- the messages that
> The address is in the automatic message each of us gets EVERY SINGLE TIME
> SUBSCRIBE TO THIS LIST!!! How many times must we discuss the same old
> topics? -- ships' lists, the 1918 flu epidemic, Adam Tas's Diary,
> surnames -- unless we can contribute something new.
> I have a request to the List owner -- Conrod, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE put
> address for the List Archives in the automatic tag that gets appended to
> our messages. Why do we bother to have a List Archive if no-one ever seems
> to consult it??????
> Lynda, this is not aimed at you personally, but after being on & off this
> List for five years, it's getting a bit frustrating to keep dealing with
> same old issues.
> The URL for the List Archive is:
> Once you reach this page, type in South-Africa and click the submit query
> button. (Don't forget to include the hyphen between South and Africa).
> And Hands Up all those who have actually visited Conrod's excellent
> on how to do genealogy in South Africa? You subscribe to his List, but
> you ever explored his website? HAVE YOU??
> No? Shame on you!
> Aish! I rest my case...
> Maureen Brady
> Johannesburg
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> From: "Lynda Price" <>
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> Sent: Friday, April 02, 2004 8:00 PM
> Subject: [ZA] 1820s ships and Ackermanns
> > Hi everyone
> > I have two requests if anyone would be kind enough to send me any
> infomation.
> > Firstly, is there any available source of information about the ships
> went out to SA in the 1800s? What were they like, how long did they take,
> who owned them etc?
> > Secondly, I have got suck on my research at Christina Elizabeth
> who married Gijsbertus Christiaan Immelman on 7th July 1821. She died on
> 12.1.1843 in Stellenbosch and I believe her father was Christiaan Joel
> Ackermann. There are a few Christiaan Joel Ackermanns who may fit the bill
> and I'm not sure which it was. If anyone has any information on this line,
> would be very graetful
> > many thanks and best regards
> > Lynda Price
> >
> >
> > email:
> >
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