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Subject: RE: Fort Genesa, Bechuanaland
Date: Fri, 4 Jun 2004 20:33:14 +0200
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Hi Lorraine,
Will reply to you off list wrt your query. I have a book on the history of
the CMR and will photostat the relevant pages for you and snail mail to your
address if you want.
David B

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Subject: Fort Genesa, Bechuanaland

Morning List

Can anyone give me a location for Fort Genesa, Bechuanaland, please? It is
part of an inscription in an old photo album held in the family.

Tylden, in his introduction, refers to a war being conducted in
Bechuanaland during 1897. 1600 men under Colonial Dalgety of the CMR went up
there. His force included some members of the Cape Police - I guess my
husband's grandfather was one of them because the rest of the inscription
C F Lund
Cape Police D1 (which I imagine stands for District 1).

Anything about Fort Genesa and this particular confict would be very

Lorraine Vass
Northern Rivers NSW


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