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From: "Rosemary Dixon-Smith" <>
Subject: Re: South African Railways - 1920s
Date: Sun, 11 Jul 2004 09:52:24 +0200
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David - I will reply off-list as I have an attachment to send
which might interest you.

But for other listers, note that the Transnet Heritage Library
has information and photographs re history of transportation in

The person I spoke to is Eurika Deminey at the e-mail address
below or on Tel: (011) 773-9523
Fax: (011) 774-3415

They are in Rissik St, Johannesburg.


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Subject: South African Railways - 1920s

> Can anyone please help with information as to what records may
be available
> of South African railways staff in the 1920s.
> Also looking for information as to railways that may have been
> construction in the 1920s from Zambia to Zaire - An ancestor
> worked as a civil engineer on the railway in South Africa but
we have a
> photo from his album which says it was taken in the Congo!
> David Railton
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