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Subject: Re: [ZA] Adam TAS
Date: Sat, 21 May 2005 11:36:45 +0200
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Hi Verius

Found the following info in my PAF file:

Born in Amsterdam, Tas's father was a tax collector. His mother Margareta
Geertruijd, was the daughter of the Rev. Adam Lindenhovius. One of his aunts
was married to the German Henning Husing who came to the Cape in search of
fortune. When he was 29, Adam Tas joined them, staying at their Stellenbosch
home, Meerlust. Two years later he was appointed Standard Bearer to the
Burgher Infantry.

Adam Tas was a free burgher married the wealthy widow of Hans Jürgen Grimpe,
Elizabeth van Brakel, thereby becoming owner of the Libertas farm near
Stellenbosch. This marriage gave Tas the chance to live like a lord. His
diary is full of comments about the weather, his visits to neighbours where
he had drink, food and a pipe of tobacco. Tas mentions the yearly pruning,
harvesting etc on their farm, which he and Elizabeth walked around,

Willem Adriaan van der Stel succeeded his father, Simon van der Stel, as
Governor of the Cape in 1699; Willem van der Stel abused his official
position to corner an over-supplied market in farm produce. Van der Stel was
very jealous of Adam Tas's wealth and easy going life, and in 1706 he used
his legal powers to arrest and imprison him. He became a Stellenbosch legend
when he sent a petition to the Council of XVII (the VOC's Board of
Directors) in Holland about the Governor's illegal actions. The petition was
rejected and Tas was imprisoned.

His wife Elizabeth van Brakel tried hard to get him released; when Adam Tas
was finally freed after thirteen months, he named his farm 'Libertas'
(liberty). Van der Stel was recalled to the Netherlands in 1707. Elizabeth
died in 1714, probably in the smallpox epidemic, and on 25 November 1715
Adam Tas married again, Johanna Koevaal from Leerdam; she died in 1718, he
died at Stellenbosch in June 1722. He and Elizabeth had 5 children, but two
died young. Those who reached maturity were a daughter, Sara Margaretha, and
two sons, Jan and Adriaan.

If anyone can add to this, please let me know - would love more info.

Sorry about the small print - not sure how it happened!

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> From the Introduction of a page by page translation of Adam Tas's diary is
> this
> "In the year 1703 there occurred an important event, which was to give a
> turn to his career. This was his marriage upon the third of June with "a
> wealthy farmer's widow' Elizabeth van Brakel relict of the free burgher
> Hans Jurgen Grimpe who had bequeathed his farm to his wife in full
> ownership."
> There does not seem to be any mention of children, though to be honest I
> have not read right through. This copy was published in 1914 by Longmans
> Green and edited by Leo Fouché. The English translation by A.C. Paterson.
> Pat
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> Subject: [ZA] Adam TAS
> > Good day All
> >
> > Does anyone have information regarding Adam TAS. I am also looking for
> details on his spouse, children grand children, etc.
> >
> > Kind regards
> >
> > Verius de Beer
> >
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