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From: "Richard Carlaw" <>
Subject: RE: [ZA] Rhodesian Anglican Church Registers
Date: Fri, 07 Oct 2005 08:58:53 +0200
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This is a very generous offer! I hope your trip goes well.

Regarding Death Notice lookups, it may be of assistance to others to know
that Death Notices for Rhodesia up to about 1970 have been microfilmed by
the LDS Church and are available in Family History Centres. I was able to
look up my g-grandfather's Death Notice (1935) at the FHC in Parktown,

The format is similar to the South African Death Notice, although there
doesn't appear to be an index and the records I looked at only seemed to
have the Death Notices - no additional info such as Will or Estate details.


>From: Curling <>
>Subject: [ZA] Rhodesian Anglican Church Registers
>Date: Fri, 07 Oct 2005 07:17:58 +0200
>Dear List
>I will be going to the National Archives in Harare next week to do a
>look-up request. The Archives holds many of the early Anglican Church
>Death notices are searchable on microfilm (if the microfilm reader is
>functional!) for those individuals who left an estate which went through
>the Master of the High Court.
>If there is anyone on the list who would like me to look for a name while I
>am there please let me know.
>Zim has a terrible petrol crisis so I would like to do everything on one
>Pip, Harare
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