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From: "Maureen Brady" <>
Subject: Re: [ZA] Family tree book publishing
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2005 00:26:34 +0200
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Hi Gerold

Don't know what version of MS Word you have, but with Word 2002 you can
create your own templates, including headers & footers, page numbering,
heading styles, etc -- check under Help on how to do this. Once you've set
it up, Word does the rest.

To manage a whole book, you should spend some time learning how to set up a
master document -- again, check under Help. This allows you to add or remove
sections, rearrange them, split them up, etc, as well as create an index,
and all the other bits & bobs.

And it's easy to control placement of photos, etc, in text. You simply
insert the pic next to the appropriate text, right click on the image and
select how you want the text to wrap around it. You can also click and drag
the edges of the pic to the size you want it to be, just be warned, this can
cause distortion of the image, so rather use your photo editor to manipulate
images to the right size before dropping them into the text.

As for "on demand" printers, unless you want your book glued into a cover,
the inexpensive option is normal A4 size and spiral-binding, the way people
do their varsity theses. You could scale it down for a smaller paper size
but if you just want to create a book for fellow family members, A4 gives
better definition for photos, maps, diagrams, etc. Most copying shops will
be able to run off good-quality laser prints in B&W or colour and do the
binding. The unit price per copy depends on how many copies you want -- most
copying shops have a sliding scale. Your covers can be printed on suitable

I've never tried to import data from my family tree program, the free
version of GenoPro, into Word, but it does convert data to formats like
Gedcom, HTML and RTF reports -- I've just checked GenoPro's Help index: RTFs
are meant to interface with Word and are best for printing.

An alternative to printing is simply to go straight to CD once you've
created your book -- cheaper all round, including mailing costs, especially

Best of luck!

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Subject: [ZA] Family tree book publishing

> There are several options open to researchers who want to publish their
> family history research (in a book). For example, Family Tree Maker has
> a "Publishing Center" where reports, group sheets, family trees etc can
> be included and the final "book" can be printed or exported to pdf
> format for printing (say at a printers).
> While this is a very nice function in FTM, I did find that the
> publishing tools are very limited; for example, not allowing precise
> control of the placement of the text / photos etc.
> I was considering publishing in MS Word and hoping to find a decent
> template (on the Internet) for this. However, on reading some of the
> Publishing websites I realize that it is a "minefield" of rules,
> contracts, copyright and royalties and we didn't even get to the costs
> yet. And no, I did not find a suitable template.
> Are there any publishing companies in South Africa where such books can
> be printed? How have others published their family tree books? Are there
> any "Publish on demand" companies in South Africa? Are there any
> organizations (like GISA) that provide (publishing) tools / guidelines?
> I'm sure there are many on this list who would like to publish their
> family trees but don't really know where to start.
> Would those of you who have published books please give advice to those
> who may be considering this in the near future?
> Regards,
> Gerold.
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