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From: "Rod Gebhardt" <>
Subject: German Immigrants 1858/59
Date: Wed, 24 May 2006 20:43:41 +0200

I am trying to locate the department or institute in Hamburg,Germany which holds the shipping lists and other information of the German immigrants who came to the Cape Colony in 1858/59. They sailed from Hamburg over a period of a year. The agent in Hamburg was Messrs. Godeffroy and Sons.

My quest is to try and locate where my great grandfather actually came from. In the book "For Men Must Work," by E.L.G.Schnell it is stated he came from Arnswalde(Pomerania or Prussia?), which I am now told is part of Poland. Can anyone assist with the new Polish name and also any contact address for the local authorities who may be able to assist with information of that time...1858 and before.

Thanks in anticipation.

Rod Gebhardt

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