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From: Delia Robertson <>
Subject: Re: [ZA] Opklim
Date: Sun, 09 Jul 2006 07:11:53 +0200
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Hello Richard,

Richard Ball wrote:
> DR> Catharina van Bengale (Opklim) was owned by the freeburgher Wouter
> DR> Cornelisz Mostert (Mostaert) and sold (in 1677) after his decease
> DR> (in 1676) by his widow Hester Weijers who was also variously
> DR> recorded as Hester Weijers Klim; Hester Jans and Hester van Lier.
> I see you use the surname Opklim for this Catharina van Bengale. Do
> you have a source for this name?
Apologies . . . I never meant to sow confusion. I only included the
name in parenthesis to be clear about which Catharina I was referring to
and should have made it clear that *if* (not when) the name is found in
the record anywhere then the connection I mentioned might be considered
in looking for an explanation.
> I would also be grateful for the source of the form 'Hester Weijers
> Klim'. I have done some research on this family but have not yet come
> across this one.
This is not a family I have researched. My source is an as yet
unpublished manuscript I have been editing (not fact checking) and the
name is used so frequently in the manuscript I assumed it was in common
use. A quick search does not reveal a source. In any event I will
bring it to the author's attention for sourcing.

Kind regards
Delia Robertson

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