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This is covered in the de Bruyn book. I will scan and post it when I get
home, in about three hours.

It seems to me the information posted by Caroline is from the book.



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Hello Caroline,

CDB> Theunis (a1). According to the historian, George McCall THEAL,
CDB> Theunis DE BRUYN was a citizen of Drakenstein. This was a mistake

In what way was it a mistake?

I have checked the VOC muster rolls of the free settlers at the Cape
as transcribed by GM Theal from the VOC records at the Hague.
Cape Archives VC39 and VC49

Between 1695 and 1707 inclusive Theunis de Bruijn is listed as living
in the Drakenstein district, in 1695 and 1696 he is listed in
partnership (maats) with Willem Duijsers, after that on his own.

In 1708 he was arrested on the order of the Governor, Van Assenburgh,
and his goods were inventoried. He was then living in the Drakenstein
district. (Cape Archives 1 STB 18/30 2/6)

>From 1709 he is listed in the muster rolls as living in the
Stellenbosch district.

When he died in 1733 the inventory of his estate (Cape Archives MOOC
8/5, 116) lists his farm as being at Clapmuts, in the district of
Stellenbosch, so presumably he lived in Drakenstein from 1695 - 1709
and in Stellenbosch from 1708 to 1733 when he died.

CDB> In 1692 he paid 45.35 guilder and for 1693. 54 guilder indicates
CDB> that he was employed by the Company at the end of February 1692
CDB> in Amsterdam and arrived in the Cape during the winter of 1692.

He does not appear in the VOC muster roll of Company Employees at the
Cape for the year 1693 (there is not one for 1694).

CDB> It is also recorded that he descended from Vredenburg,although
CDB> there is no such name in Nederlands.It is postulated that
CDB> Vredenburg could have been a cluster of houses and monastery in
CDB> the previously known barony van Breda.

By whom and on what grounds?

As I mentioned above the inventory of 1708 states that Theunis de
Bruijn had been arrested. There may, therefore, be something about
this in the Council of Justice records, including possibly his age and
birthplace if he underwent an interrogation. Probably worth checking
out - probably available both at the Cape Archives and the Hague.


Richard Ball,
Norfolk, England

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