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From: "Terry & Sharon Turner" <>
Subject: [SOUTH-AFRICA] FamilySearch Labs
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2006 07:04:31 +0200

An interesting post you may want to look at. Originally posted on one of the
FHC lists. I have emailed Dan and he would like as much feedback as he can
get. I asked him about displaying sources etc and received a positive reply.

Terry Turner in Krugersdorp

FamilySearch Labs

Dan Lawyer (Product Manager in the Family History Department of the LDS
Church) has created a new website and tool for us to play with -

About a week or so ago he posted an image of his pedigree in a smart
pedigree viewer they have been working on. (I'm not really sure who the they
are - might be the FamilySearch team.) Many people expressed an interest in
playing with the viewer using their own data and he thought others might be
interested. Dan says: "We've just made a new website available (FamilySearch
Labs) to showcase interesting new technology we're working on. The first
project on the site is our smart pedigree viewer. It allows you to upload
your own GEDCOM and view it or view one of our sample files. Go check it out
at and be sure to use the feedback link on
the site to tell us what you think."

You can send your feedback to .

They also have a blog at

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