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From: "Karin Serfontein" <>
Subject: Re: [SOUTH-AFRICA] Genopro Family History
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2006 15:42:10 +0200
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Hi Rod and Steve,

I am leaving for America on Wednesday and will be missing out as I will have
to unsubscribe shortly.
May I please give you my names of interest - if you do have any in your tree
to share with me.
The names that I am researching are:
Smith, Stone, Swart, Nienaber, Pretorius, Meyburgh, Kruger, Serfontein,
Celliers, Pienaar, Nothnagel, Coetzee and Lourens.

Thank you for your kind attention hoping to hear from you when I am back

Enjoy a lovely day,


On 15 Oct 2006 at 16:17, Rod Gebhardt wrote:

> Hi to all Listers,
> I have quite a large family history I have been putting together over the
> years. I am presently using the Genopro program, although I am not very
> with it.(It was given to me by a friend who also has his family on the
> program.) I would like to make this information available to all Listers
> the families making up my history originally arrived from Germany,Wales,
> Scotland and Europe. The families settled all over South Africa and I feel
> others might be able to make use of the information as well. Although my
> history is not yet complete--is a family history ever complete?-- there
> many names which could be linked to other families.
> Could anyone kindly let me know how to go about making this information
> available to all Listers without each one having to install Genopro on
> pc's?

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