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From: "Steve Hayes" <>
Subject: Re: [SOUTH-AFRICA] Same sex marriages.
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2006 07:09:56 +0200
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On 27 Nov 2006 at 23:51, Fred MacKay wrote:

> Hi! there Folks,
> I am going to bite the bullet here.
> I have very definite views on this subject, which I won't air here.
> There is no such an event as a 'Same Sex Marriage'.
> However the reason why you cannot enter a relationship where two males or two
> females co-habit, is there is no provision in LAW for this relationship to be
> recognised by the state other than as co-habiting.

You're wrong there -- the law has just made provision for such a thing.
> Thankfully the databases also recognise the state stance.

They haven't caught up with the state stance, but from a genealogical point
of view there is no sense in homosexual marriage, since there is no
possibility of issu, unless there are dramatic developments in cloning. So it
can just be recorded as an "event".

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