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From: "Lynn MacLeod" <>
Subject: [SOUTH-AFRICA] Supplement to SA Commercial Advertiser Aug 1830 -Orphan Chamber A-C
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2007 21:39:46 +1300

Transcribed from CO53/2 at the National Archives in
Kew. The formatting goes haywire in these plain text postings, but the whole
file is now online at

If this link is too long to work, you need to click on 1820 Settlers on the
left of Genealogy World and scroll down - it's with all the other SACA
transcriptions below the GTJ ones posted and transcribed by Sue MacKay
Meanwhile the surnames are in capitals to alert people to whether it is worth looking at
the full listing. The amounts paid have been removed, as that is chiefly what
was affecting the formatting.

Orphan Chamber
August 12, 1830
The following major Heirs, in Estates under the administration of the Board
of Orphan Masters, are hereby informed, that the Sums due to them, as
expressed opposite to their respective names, are payable at this Office.
His Excellency the Governor having been pleased to approve of the Stamps and
Fees usually charge in this Department upon receipts for Inheritances being
dispensed with, when such Inheritances do not amount to the Sum of 15
shilling Sterling each, - Notice is hereof given, for the information of the
parties concerned.

APPEL, Willem, Illegitimate child of Susanna Magaretha ADAMSZE
AS, Willem's son, Willem van Joost Rynhard's dr. Wilhelmina van - Arend van,
ACKERMAN, Michiel's son, Johannes Jacobus

Marthinus Lambertus

AHLERS, Gezina Christina, married with Johan Christiaan WIEHAHN . Oldman ..
Johannes Jacobus,
AUCAMP, Christiaan's dr., Magdalena Judith, married with Jan Hendrik Gerhard

VAN DER LINDE - Anna Aletta - Petronella, married with Jacobus - Petrus

BARDENHORST - Susanna Frannica Johanna - Elisabeth Margaretha Sophia,
Johanna Diederik Pieter Josua Christiaan Daniel
APRIL, of the Cape, son of Alima of Mosambique
AFRICA, ditto, ditto, ditto

AS, Marthinus' son, Hendrik Etzard

AUCAMP, senior, Christiaan
ABERCROMBY, Catharina Cornelia Laubscher, widow of Peter
ABRAHAM, of the Cape, slave of the widow GEYER (Abroad)
ARIE, of the Cape

BLETTERMAN, Johannes Matthias' dr., Johanna, Georgina
Johannes Henricus
BOTHA, Christoffel's dr. Johanna Christina, married to Adries Frans DU TOIT`
Jacobus' son, Cornelis,
Jacoba Jacomina
Hans Jurgen - Elsje, separated wife of Daniel LOMBARD,
Marthinus' son, Jacobus
Adam - Marthinus Christoffel - Sara Maria, married with Hendrik
BANK, Dirk's dr. Dorothea van den, married with Pieter Fredrik BAUER
Catharina, married with Johannes VOSLOO
BERG, Joh. Meintje's son, Williem van den
Daniel's dr., Maria Magdalena van den, married with Roelof VAN
Jacobus van den - Coebraad van den - Sibella Jacomina van den -
Susanna van den - Daniel van den,
BESTER, Christiaan's son, Christiaan
BRITS, Pieter's son, Ockerd - Fredrik,
Johanna - Pieter,

BRUYNS, Jacobus Theodorus - Christina Elisabeth,
BUYTENDAG, Carl Jacobus
BAUER, Jeremias Esaias' son, Jeremias Cornelis Tobias

Johannes Lodewyk
BLANKENBERG, Johannes Gysbertus' son, Johannes Gysbertus
BRINK, Andries junior's dr., Sophia, married with Johannes ENSLIN - Maria,
Married with Petrus VAN DER MERWE - Alida, married with Jacob
Jan Godlieb
BUISSON, David's dr., Maria Elizabeth du, married with Nicolaas DETTOF -
Anna Catharina du, ditto Stephanus Johannes BUYS - David Issaak du,
BERNARD, Hendrik's Dr, Lea - Sophia Catharina - Magdalena Petronella - Sara
Maria - Adam Johannes - Hendrik - Jacobus - Marthinus Christoffel -
Willem Hendrik
BANK, Jacob's son, Jacob Johannes van den
BOTHA, Johanna Dorothea, married with Hermanus Meyer Hermanus's son
BOSHOFF, Susanna Catharina, married with Hendrik Stephanus FOUCHE
BEZUYDENHOUT, Johannes Cornelis - Cornelia, married with Jacob NORTJE Jan's
Aletta Elisabeth, married with Philip Carl DU PREEZ
BURGER, Cicilia Petronella
BRITS, Pieter's son, Rudulph
Johanna - Christiaan,
BEETGE, Maria Alida DU PLESSIES, widow of Johan Andries
BURGER, Willem's son, Johannes Schalk - Alewyn Petrus,
BOTMA, Geertruyda Maria - Cornelis Johannes
Gerhardus Adriaan Stephanus - Abraham Carel - Jan Daniel
BREWITS, Jan Casper - Anna 0 Alida,

Jeanetta Dorothea
BESTER, Anna, married with Christiaan Johannes RABE
Anna Margaretha - Andries - Hendrik,
BOSCH, Alida Johanna, married with Lodewyk PETERSEN
Johannes Hermanus
BERNAGO, Jurriana Frederica van
BOTHA, Philip Rudolph's son, Philip Rudolph - Frederik Johannes,
Martha Catharina Magdalena, married with Louis FOURIE, Louis' son
BEZUYDENHOUT, Cornelis' son, Pieter Gerritze
Wynand Willem's son, Johannes - Cornelis,
BEZUYDENHOUT, Cornelis son, Gerrit
BEER, Joh. Jurgen's son, Samuel Zacharias de
BURGER, Pieter's son, Petrus Johannes -
Charl Johannes - Andries Jacobus - Maria Sophia Magdalena -
Cicilia Catharina - Abraham Jacobus Stephanus - Jacobus Fredrik,
BOOYSEN, Dirk's son, Barent - Aletta - Johanna Sophia - Hermina,
BOCK, Christiaan

BOOYSEN, Dirk's daughter, Maria Jacoba Magdalena - Anna Francina Catharina
Adriana - Aletta Elisabeth Christina - Dirkse Johanna Wilhelmina,
BENADE, Johannes Tobias son, Jurgen - Anna Francina - The Children of the
late Dirk Christiaan,
Elisabeth, having been married to Jacob Salomon REEDER - Hermina,
having been married to Jan NEFT
BRONKHORST, Susanna Elisabeth BOTHA, widow of Hendrik Lambert
BECKER, Stephanus son, Marthinus
BOSHOFF, Jacobus daughter, Catharina Elisabeth
BANK, Jacoba Cornelia OOSTHUYZEN, widow of Jacob van den
BAUER, Hester Mqagdalena, married to Marthinus POTGIETER
BEER, Hans, Jurgen's son, Marthinus Johannes de
BEER, Hans, Jurgen's son, Andries Jacobus de - Hi letje Elisabeth de,
married to Zacharius Van JAARSVELD - Carel Christoffel de
BAUER, Elisabeth Francina, married to Hendrik Jeremias DE BRUYN -
Aletta Sophia, married to Pieter BEZUIDENHOUT,
Johanna Catharina, married to Salomon PIENAAR - Hendrina Maria married
Jan Lodewyk's son, Petrus Fredrik
BOTHA, Petronella, married to Johannes ALBERTSEN
BPPUZEM. Kam's son, Gerrit
BRINK, Sr., Johannes
BOOYZEN, Magdalena PRETORIUS, widow of Jan
Anna Elisabeth, married to Willem Sterrenberg PRETORIUS - Johanna
Christina married to Barend FORSTER,
Jan's son, Jan Jonathan - do Petrus Jacobus,
BOSHOFF, Louis son, Jacobus Nicolaas
BRITS, sen., Rudolph
BARBIER, Petronella PIETERSEN, widow of
BRONKHORST, Hendrik Lambert
BLISEFSKY, Maria Cornelia
BANK, sen., Jacob van den
BRITS, Johannes Jacob
BEZUYDENHOUT, Wynand Jacobus
Coenraad's dr, Magdalena - Sophia - Anna
BENADE, Dirk Christ. Son, Jacob
Dirk Jacobus
Johannes Matthys
BOTMA, Aletta Maria ENGELBRECHT, wid. Of Abraham Carel
BRONKHORST, Johannes Jacob
BERGH, Joh. Hend. Sen., Pieter Rossouw van den
Maria Magdalena van den, married to Joh. SWANENPOEL, Joh. Son
BEER, Johanna Elisabeth de, married to Daniel FOURIE
Zacharias Joseph dr., Elisabeth de
BUCHNER, Care Walentyn
BOTHA, Gerrit's son, William
Catharina, married to Jan VAN DEN BERGH, Jan's son - Anna Cornelia
Married to Willem SEVENSTER,
Isabella Johanna LOMBAARD, wid. of Joh. Willem
BECKER, Steph. Son, Stephanus Johannes
Johannes Jurrie - Adriaan,
BAUER, Joh. Lodew. Son, Willem Christiaan
Barend Daniel's son, Jeremias Esaias
BRITS, Rudolph Joh. Son, Jan
Susanna, married to Johannes Jacobus LOUW
Rudolph Johannes - Dina, married to Rudolph Marthinus BRITS,
BRUYN, Elisabeth de, married to Godlieb KOEKEMOER
Susanna Cornelia, married to Fredrik ELS - Theunis dr. Hester de,
BELLAPASQUA, Nicolaas Joseph, (Resident abroad)
BEER, Zacharias Joseph de
Heyla Elisabeth de, married to Marth. Christ. BARNARD
BLACK, the late Regina
BOTHA, Fred. Jac. Son, Fredrik Pieter Jacobus
BECKER, Helena Dorothea, married to Hendrik SCHOEMAN
BOOYSEN, Johannes
BAARS, Maria - Dirk Hubert Nicolaas - Hermanus,
David - Wieger Arnoldus
BAILEY, Rosette
BOTHA, Anna Barbera, married to Christoffel Rudolph VENTER
BEER, Zacharias Joseph's son, Hendrik Matthys de
Zacharias Joseph de
Johanna Elisabeth de - Elizabeth de - Wilhelmina Christina de - Samuel

Jacobus de - Geertruyda de

COETSEE, Johanna
Dirk's dr., Susanna Johanna, married to Joh. Christ. GRYLING - Dirk
Cornelis Jacobus - Johannes Cornelis,
Gerhardus Lodewyk - Philip Arnoldus,
CILLIERS, Jan's son, Josua Charl - Hester, married to Pieter HUGO, sen.,
Jan jun. son, Jan
Daniel - Abraham, each
Charl - Anna, married to Pieter ROSSOUW, each
Abraham's son, Abraham - Josua Pieter - Anna, married to Daniel
Pieter's son,
Sara Petronella, married to Daniel ROSSOUW, Pieter's son
Susanna, married to Charl MARAIS, Isaak's son
Martha, married to Bernardus VAN BILJOEN - Helena, married to
Philip FOUCHE,
COETSEE, Cornelis dr., Geertruyda Margaretha
COMBRINK, Jacomina Petronella LE ROUX, wid. Johannes
Johanna Petronella - Nicolaas Casparus - Johannes,
CARELSE, Jac. Petrus dr., Helena Catharina, married to Gerrit NEL, Pieter's
son - Johannes Jacobus - Margaretha Dorothea, married to Petrus
Marthinus son,
CLAASSEN, Hermanus dr., Anna Hendrina
Johanna Hendrina - Johannes Wilhelminus,
Johan Coenraad
COETZEE, Dirk's son, Gerrit
Corns. Sen. Dr., Johanna Christina, married to Joh. Hendk. VISSER -

Ockerd Johannes - Johannes Gerhardus - Jun. son, Cornelis Jacobus
COERTSE, Roelof Jacobus
CAMPBELL, Lawrence
COETZEE, Cicilia Anna, married to Joh. Joachemus SWANEPOEL
Martha Margaretha, married to Jacobus Petrus ERASMUS - Jan Hendrik,

Maria Margaretha CLOETE, wid. of Jacobus
Jacobus's dr. Huybrecht Eliz. Lucya
COETZER, Jeremias
CLUS, Carolina Maria le
CARELSE, Jacobus Petrus
COETZEE, Jan Hendrik's son, Dirk Jacobus Gerhardus
Johanna, married to Johan BREEDENCAMP
Sara Johanna ERASMUS, widow of Gerrit
CROMHOUT, Hendk. F.'s son, Jan Michiel
Petrus Johannes
COERTZE, Roelof's dr. Anna Elizabeth
COCHRANE, The Mother of the late John William - Patrick,
CAMPBELL, Charles - Henry - Ambrose George - Elizabeth Susanna -

more to follow.

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