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The slave workers were mainly not Jewish, and initially not in camps as
such. After being dumped at their 'Stations' in Germany they were not
properly fed, clothed or housed and if they pilfered something to survive or
were caught building radio's etc they were sent to re-education camps. Most
ended up in those eventually and many didn't leave those alive.

The workers were mostly civilian males between the ages of 15 and 55. In the
beginning jobless (dperssion) people looking for jobs were carted off, later
departments,now under German management, started to 'sell off' their
employees, and still later all remaining men of working age were rounded up
during regular raids named 'Razzia's', but by that time there was also a
system of 'onderduiking'
(ducking under) in place where families devised ways to hide their menfolk
attics, in hollow walls and underfloor.

Manpower was needed in Germany to keep the war machine running whilst the
German men of similar age were deployed at the fronts. From the East Block
countries many women were similarly enslaved, but mostly sent off as
entertainment for soldiers on the front. needless to say, very few of those

It's a long story, and the best I can do at this stage is to refer you to Be prepared for some shocking material.

Hundreds of thousands died, and to date tens of thousands of men who are
presumed dead, are still unaccounted for.


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> Hi Gerda,
> I do have some employers names on the docs, one is a limited
> corporation, another is someones name/address, and a 3rd was for a
> short while, and mentions the employers name.
> I also cant say for sure which camp he was based at either, although i
> do have a few street addresses. Perhaps in some instances, the street
> address is relavent to a camp, not sure though.
> There is a section where it lists the places he was staying at during
> the war, and there is also a job card type thing, which lists the
> limited corporation - perhaps this was his main 'employment' during
> the war, but not really sure. The address, 25 maxtorgraben is listed
> on the internet as a place of forced labour.
> Bobby.

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