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Date: Thu, 2 Apr 2009 18:00:37 +1300

Letters. Enclosures A.B.C. from 69th Battery.

Gnr. W. MEAD.,
69th Battery, R.F.A., Ladysmith, Natal.

Dear Sir,

I write these few lines to you to let you know that I was with your son
E.C. last Saturday he was then in the best of health and when I left him
he was making his way for home. I told him I would write on Sunday but I
couldn't get any time till now so you can expect him about as soon as
you get this if he is not already there if so tell him I am waiting for
a line from him or you hoping to find you all in the best of health as
it leaves me at present.

I remain etc,
Gnr. W. MEAD 69th Battery R.F.A.
Gnr. W. MEAD.,
69th Battery, R.F.A., Ladysmith, Natal.

Miss STOW,

I write these few lines in answer to your wire I received last night
about your brother. I met him on the morning of the 2nd March when I was
out with a party at Modderspruit that was the day after the Boers
retreated from here but there was a lot of English and Scotchmen with
them. Your brother lost his horse and came up to me we took him disarmed
him and directed him on the road to Colenso so as he could get home. I
could not write full particulars of him before as I had to write to make
sure of that it was the right address he gave me and for my own safety
as it was a bit of a dangerous job to undertake as he has got my address
on him & if he was captured again I hope he wont give the game away as
it will get us into serious trouble but I hope he will reach home safe.
He had £1.0.0. on him when he left me, I could not let him have any as
we had not drew any pay during the siege or else I would have let him
have some. He promised to write to me but I have not received a line
from him yet. Hoping to hear from you soon.

I remain yours truly,
Gnr. W. MEAD, 69th Battery. R.F.A.
5th Division, Elandslaagte.


In answer to yours which I received to-day in answer to mine did you see
the fault in your first wire that was the cause of all this trouble as
you will see I wrote once to your father in Uitenhage and twice to you
you said that you can't see how I should get into trouble over this
affair but you must understand that I should have handed him over to the
Military. Then they may have kept him here as it was you wiring to my
C.O. he have been cross questioning me of it and that is not very
pleasant to have it thought of you that I was shielding a man that had
been fighting against his own countrymen if it was his fault or not I
had a good two hours talk about himself with him and gave him the best
advice I could and showed him the way to Colenso where he had just come
from as he was with the Ermelo Commando that was ????? at Dundee or else
he would have been fighting against me he told me he would go straight
to Uitenhage to see his father and mother he said he would write but I
have not received any letter from him yet he could not get captured by
the Boers again as they was retreating towards the Berg where we found
him. I expect he has gone straight home. He had to walk as he only had a
£1.0.0. on him and we got no money during the siege so could not help
him so I intended to and I could not borrow any so he walked off towards
Colenso homewards. I can't get away on leave or else I would come down
to see you but I may be down there some day if I get through this all
right. I should have gone home in September but I was stopped over this

I remain yours truly,
W. MEAD., 69th B.R.F.A.
5th Division, Elandslaagte.


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