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Subject: Re: [SOUTH-AFRICA] LEMMER etc
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 2009 14:02:47 -0500

The LEMMER tree (and I mean the tree of this Petrus Johannes LEMMER x
Millicent May HOUZET) is on the Rinken-deWet database, aka the eSAGI.

You can buy a copy from GSSA (who will simply refer you to Dennis Pretorius).
Tombi, perhps you should tell Merlin I am also on FaceBook?


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I ought to have heard of them, because I knew everyone in the music scene in
the E Cape at least, but I guess Bloemfontein was just too far out of the
loop. (I only seem vaguely to remember the name.) But there is a reference
book of musicians in South Africa (I forget its title and don't have a copy of
any of the volumes - not even sure how many volumes there were) and I would
have thought these people are worth looking up in it.


Geoffrey Chew


From: on behalf of Tombi Peck

Hi everyone,
I received this message on facebook....I thought there might be one of you who
might have information on this family.
At present I don't have an actual email address for Merlin, but if you have
information for her I can forward it to her via Facebook!!
The only two LEMMER'S I had in my file don't appear to be from the same


"Dear Chloris, Thanks for the info. However the branch I am looking for
belongs to Prof Petrus J LEMMER of Bloemfontein who married Millicent May
HOUZET. They had two sons, Richard Houzet LEMMER and Leonard Petrus LEMMER. I
lost touch with these very close cousins of mine after childhood in the late
fifties of the last century. I do know that Prof PJL was the head of the music
dept at University of OFS and was quite a well-known composer. Millicent May,
my aunt, and the youngest of the seven children of Otto Joseph Julius HOUZET
of Steynsburg, Cape, taught music at Eunice, Bloem. Richard became a nuclear
physicist and Prof at MIT (USA) and later at Wits. Leonard became a Prof of
music at UOFS following in his father's footsteps. I seem to have drawn a
miserable blank on this LEMMER genealogical research so far. Yours sincerely,
Merlin Houzet"

Best wishes,
Tombi Peck

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