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From: "George Cogswell" <>
Date: Wed, 6 Jan 2010 20:43:46 -0000

About four years ago, I appealed for information on the INKSTER family of

I am now asking for yet more help, this time with the TILLSON family from
Kimberley and the BENSON & TODHUNTER families of Jo'burg.

With the help of some kind people in and around the Jo'burg area, I have had
incredible success in my researches and a fascinating roller coaster of a
journey (literally) since then !!!!!

Whilst on a visit to Kimberley, I paid a visit to the Afrikana Library
(where, bless them, they seemed to produced half their book stock for me to
inspect !). I found there that a Peter Ferres INKSTER had married a
Eugenie Annie TILLSON in Kimberley in 1882. I traced Peter back to where
was born at Port Gordon, a small fishing village on the northern shores of
Scotland and his father, William INKSTER, back to the Orkney Islands. After
visiting the Orkney Islands and Morayshire last summer, I have been able to
trace that line back to 1746 - wonderful.

Peter's daughter-in-law was a POHL, part of the extensive POHL family of
Eastern Cape and that line took me back to northern Poland c1780

After much successful research, I'm now struggling on four new issues and
below is my latest shopping list for this list:-

1.I cannot find any references to Eugenie Annie TILLSON or any of her close
relatives in Kimberley or even the UK - she was supposedly born in London
c1860. Is anyone out there researching that name in South Africa and
Kimberley in particular ?

2.Peter Ferres and Eugenie Annie (TILLSON) INKSTER, together with their
only son Alfred William INKSTER moved to Jo'burg c1888. Peter died in
Jo'burg in 1889 (I have his DN), and in August 1891 Eugenie Annie applied
for and was granted a re-marriage certificate. I now know that she married
a Thomas BENSON, presumably in late 1891 and presumably in Jo'burg. I need
to find the record of their marriage - which may, or may not have been in
Doornfontein, but it's a starting point. Where am I likely to find the
Doornfontein church records - presumably Anglican??? Alfred's children
were baptised at St. Mary the Less Church, Doornfontein, so perhaps Thomas &
Eugenie Annie were married there also ???? I have written to Jo'burg LSL
three times asking if they have have the BMD records for St. Mary the Less,
but disappointingly, have never had a reply !!!

Eugenie Annie's only son with Peter - Alfred William INKSTER had two sons
with his wife Hendrina POHL - their first son (Hector INKSTER) was born at
Jo'burg in 1906. Hendrina died in childbirth with their second child
(Arthur Andrew INKSTER) in 1910 (I have her DN, but unfortunately the file
was empty !).

In 1912 Alfred William got himself into some bother and Eugenie Annie
(TILLSON) (INKSTER) BENSON ended up looking after her two grandsons at 25
Currey Street, Doornfontein, Jo'burg. I understand that this is now the
site of the Technical College? AWI then disappeared from the radar and
eventually died at Durban in 1945 (I also have his DN). Her eldest
grandson - Hector INKSTER, was I understand in the SA Merchant Navy and came
to the UK c1930 (anyone know where I might find his South African Merchant
Navy records ?). Her youngest grandson - Arthur Andrew INKSTER emigrated
to Wollongong, Australia c1930 and died there.

3.Eugenie Annie INKSTER's second husband - Thomas BENSON was a Baker ( I
believe he had his own business in Jo'burg ??). I assume that he died c1924
because c1925, Eugenie Annie took her youngest grandson to Wollongong,
Australia with her - she died there in 1930. I cannot find the date of
their sailing, nor the name of the ship that they sailed to Australia on -
Anyone any ideas?

4. Thomas & Eugenie Annie (TILLSON) (INKSTER) BENSON had three children:-

(a) Arthur Andrew BENSON b.18 Jun 1892 1892, Jo'burg (who Eugenie Annie's
grandson was named after). He married a Myra ???? and they emigrated to the
USA and died there - AAB c1950 and Myra c1990.

(b) Agnes BENSON 07 Oct 1894 at Mooi Street, Jo'burg - she died young
(certainly before 1930 anyway) and I presume that she is also buried at
Braamfontein Cemetery - perhaps her father Thomas, was buried in the same
grave with her ???

(c) Ada Lily BENSON - b.18 Jan 1897 at Von Beek Street, Doornfontein,
Jo'burg. On the 18th January 1922, Ada married a John Thomas TODHUNTER, I
assume at St. Mary the Less, Jo'burg ??? JTT was born at Frizington,
Cumberland, (Lake District), UK in 1898 and was still residing there at the
time of the 1911 census. Ada emigrated to Wollongong, Australia on the
25th May 1922 aboard the S.S. Barabool. JTT travelled later that year to
join her - they raised ten children in Australia and they both died there
1974 and 1977 respectively.

I hope to visit Pretoria & Jo'burg again in March, so any help that listers
can give me before then will save me much valuable local time when I get
there. Sorry it's such a long shopping list !!!


George Cogswell (UK)

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