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Subject: [SOUTH-AFRICA] Miscellaneous birthdates from early 1900's

I have in my possession a birthday book that was given to my great-grandmother
as a gift from my great-grandfather (Angus Singleton HANNAY) when they were
still courting.

The inscription reads "To Constance With Love From Angus, 22 June 1919"

My great-grandmother (Julia Amelia Constance TROLLIP) proceeded to record the
names of what I presume were her friends and family in the book. In some
instances the year of their birth was recorded, but in most cases only the day
is indicated, but I presume that in most cases the year of birth would be
close to that of my great-grandmother herself (for her friends) or to that of
her parents/siblings (for her family), so the people listed were probably born
around 1890-1920. Over the years though, the book has passed through the hands
of my grandfather and grandmother and my mother, and some names and
annotations have been added to what Constance originally recorded, so there
may be quite a few names of people born after 1920.

My great-grandparents grew up in the Vryburg area, and were married in
Kimberley, so I also assume that most of the people listed in the book also
came from those areas, or at least lived in that area circa 1919.

There are a few surnames that appear more than once. In particular, the
WEBSTER family appears 11 times and there are a handful of SCHOEMANs,
BOARDMANs and BANDs. I'm particularly interested to find out who Mildred
FITCHETT is, since she is specifically mentioned with fondness in some of the
annotations - there is a Myra FITCHETT listed to who I presume is her sister.

There are also a few abbreviations listed next to some of the names (G.T.C.;
N.C.R.; V.H.S. etc). I'm not sure what these represent. G.T.C could stand for
Grahamstown Teaching/Training College - Connie may have been sent to boarding
school in the Eastern Cape, as many children of Settler families were.
Likewise, V.H.S could stand for Victoria High School, but also Vryburg High
School. And many of the people listed with N.C.R., or C.R. behind their name
are referred to as 'Sister' - could this be a hospital? Any ideas?

If anyone can link any of these names to their own research, I'd love to know
more about their history to see if sheds more light on the research I'm doing
on my own family. Hopefully it also provides a few researchers with some
cross-references to their own sources, or maybe even sheds some light on birth
dates you've been searching for.

Tyron Hunter

Herewith the entries I transcribed from the birthday book (Surname, Forenames
listed, Birthday, Year where given, annotations listed):

FITCHETT,Mildred,09-Jun,,Died on 23rd of Jan 1922 at the 12 hour. Deeply
mourned by her friends.

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