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From: "Jackie Lock" <>
Subject: [SOUTH-AFRICA] salvesen
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2010 10:30:01 +0200

Hi Eileen,

Many thanks for your reply. I have looked again at the last will of Louis
Leon Walter-Girout, and he signs as Leon Walter, of Empangeni, Zululand,
Butcher. This was dated March 1913. He was married in 1910. At the time of
his marriage he was a farmer in Empangeni, and between 1910 and 1915 when he
died, he went into partnership with Salvesen (being Salvesen & Walters).
According to his grandson, he then bought out Salvesen and owned the
butchery on his own. He probably did not own it for long on his own.

After he died, his wife put the business in the hands of a solicitor and
finally she only received a total of £500 as a result of outstanding amounts
which were never paid by his creditors.

Is there no reference to a Walter in your book?

Kind regards


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