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From: Joan HOPE <>
Subject: [SOUTH-AFRICA] Kathleen COOPER x George HOBSON
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2010 04:42:47 -0700 (PDT)
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Dear Carol,
I would love to update information on your great aunt please... Full dates of birth and death and marriage would greatly assist please. I have the full dates for her husband, but not his places of birth and death and marriage. Do you have these details to please share with me.

Also details about her daughter June (according to my records, an only child... is this correct?) would be helpful. Details of living individuals can be sent to my other email address <> as I seldom access this one!


From: Ray Forsberg <>
Sent: Wed, 16 June, 2010 9:29:34 AM
Subject: Re: [SOUTH-AFRICA] HOBSON family tree available

Hi Joan,

I would love to have a digital copy as well, as there are Hobsons in
my tree (my great-aunt Kathleen Cooper married George Hobson); as I
live in Australia I will not be able to access the copy at the Albany

Kind regards,


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