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Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2011 14:33:26 +0200
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Hi Ian

Not sure if you're interested - She's on our reunion Website:

Seventh person, second teacher from the right in the front row!

Best of luck - hope you get in touch again sometime!


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Thanks Michele.
Gill's grandparents were my great aunt and uncle, but we lost touch with the

family some years ago.
Best wishes,

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Well I'm trying to organise a reunion at the moment and dealing with the
ROGU has been an utterly fruitless exercise.

There has been a recent changing of the guard so if you try the hotmail
account and for Jane Hofmeyer's attention - you may have some better luck.

But you may also have to send them your contact details and hope that she
will respond - some people can be concerned about giving out details to
complete strangers.

Otherwise - email/phone the school and explain your intensions - maybe
someone might try to be helpful. Maybe even try the old fashioned method and
write a letter. It's fairly clear that she is still very much involved with
activities relating to the school.

I know she used to live in a flat near the school and used to walk there
when I was at the school but the white pages isn't turning anything up.

I really wish I could be more help.


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