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Hi Pat,
These are members of my Glen Avon Hart family....

Cornelia's name was actually Cornelia Magrietha HART born 19 Feb 1869
Somerset East, Eastern Cape of Good Hope died 12 July 1953 Lydenberg,
Transvaal, Union of South Africa who married twice. One husband, which I
presume must have been her second husband as they had no children was Willie

As you correctly say her other husband was Charles Philip LIVERSAGE born
18th May 1869 in York Natal died 31st January 1925 Fairview Farm,
Klipfontein, Middelburg, Transvaal, Union of South Africa. He was christened
on the 23rd January in York Natal.
He was the 10th child of Charles LIVERSAGE born 19th October 1833 Manley
Flats, near Bathurst, Albany, Eastern Cape of Good Hope died 22 August 1906
Vryheid, Natal Colony; his mother was Marta Isabella Magdalena or (Maria
Magdalena Isabella) MARTENS who was born on the 11nd February 1830 in
Pietermaritzburg, Natal. She died 7 September 1884 in Natal. They were
married on the 20th October 1856 in Pietermaritzburg, Natal.
The children of this marriage were:
1. Anna Maria Johanna Thomasina LIVERSAGE b about 1857 Pietermaritzburg,
Natal + spouse
2. Harriet Elizabeth Victoria LIVERSAGE b 5 December 1858 Pietermaritzburg,
Natal + spouse
3. Maria Magdalena LIVERSAGE born 7 March 1860, Pietermaritzburg, Natal +
4. Samuel Eckhard LIVERSAGE born 6 July 1861, Pietermaritzburg, Natal +
5. Jan Thomas Martens LIVERSAGE born 8 July 1862 Greytown, Natal + spouse
6. Charles George LIVERSAGE born 16 October 1863 Greytown, Natal
7. Martha Elisabeth LIVERSAGE born about 1864 Greytown, Natal + spouse
8. Johanna Thomasina Martina LIVERSAGE born 14 June 1866 Greytown, Natal +
9. William Hendrik LIVERSAGE born 30 Nov 1867 Greytown, Natal + spouse
10. Charles Phillip LIVERSAGE born 18 May 1869 York, Natal + spouse
11. Elizabeth Catharina Jacoba LIVERSAGE born 7 June 1871 York, Natal died 4
June 1872
12. Sarah Georgina Ellen LIVERSAGE born 30 March1873 York, Natal + spouse
13. Victoria Henryetta LIVERSAGE born 16 January 1875 York, Natal died 23
Apr 1875
14. Henrijetta Jacoba Petronella LIVERSAGE born 16 January 1877 York, Natal
+ spouse
15. Wilhelmina Magdalena LIVERSAGE born 16 February 1879 York, Natal +

Charles Phillip LIVERSAGE & Cornelia 'Nellie' Magrietha HART were married on
the 15th June 1891 in Barbeton, Transvaal Republic.
Their children were:
1. Cecil LIVERSAGE born on Burnside Farm, Carolina, Transvaal Republic
2. Alice Hart LIVERSAGE born about 1891 Burnside Farm, Carolina, Transvaal
3. Christina Henrietta LIVERSAGE born 29 April 1892 Burnside Farm,
Carolina, Transvaal Republic died 12 July 1953 Pretoria, Transvaal, Union of
South Africa

The following information applies to her mother & several siblings I have
inserted the information here as the information was found with respect to

She was in the Middelburg Concentration Camp from the 10th August 1901
Information found by Jenny Culhane at
information received by me 23rd August 2010.


Personal Details:

Name: Mrs Charles Philipp LIVERSAGE

Born in the Camp? No

Died in the Camp? No

Gender: Female

Race: White

Marital Status: Married

Nationality: Transvaal

Registration as head of family: Yes

Unique I.D.: 84546

Camp History:

Name: Middelburg RC

Age at Arrival: 21

Date of Arrival: 10/08/1901

Date of Departure: 18/04/1902

Destination: Wentworth

Tent Number: I1598

Farm History: Burnside

District: Carolina

Status of Husband: On Commando


Mrs. Charles Philipp LIVERSAGE

is the mother of Master Harry Hart LIVERSAGE

is the mother of Master Charles LIVERSAGE

is the mother of Miss Christina LIVERSAGE

is the mother of Miss Anthorine LIVERSAGE

is the mother of Miss Maude LIVERSAGE (The name in the record is given as

Sources: Title: DBC83 Middelburg CR.

Type: Camp Register:

Location: National Archives, Pretoria

Reference Number: DBC83

Notes: P236

Christina was married to Gys Albertus Wilhelmus PARSONS born 3 Feb 1890
Machadodorp, Transvaal Republic died 23 August 1965 Pretoria, Transvaal,
Republic of South Africa. They had 3 children ....I have the information
on them if it's wanted.

4. Arthurina Maria LIVERSAGE born 19 Jan 1895 Burnside Farm, Carolina,
Transvaal Republic. She married Pieter Barend BOTHA born 14th August 1892
Queenstown, Eastern Cape of Good Hope died 10th December 1922 Waterval
Boven, Transvaal, Union of South Africa. They had 5 children. I have some
information on these.

5. Henry Hart 'Harry' LIVERSAGE born about 1896 Burnside Farm, Carolina,
Transvaal Republic. He died young.

6. Charles Henry LIVERSAGE born about 1897 Burnside Farm, Carolina,
Transvaal Republic. Died 1975. He married Anna Susanna MIDDEL who was born
14th July 1907. She died Unknown. They had 6 children.

7. Maude Nellie 'Maudie' LIVERSAGE born 2 November 1899 Fairview Farm,
Klipfontein, Middelburg, Transvaal Republic. She died on the 7th November
1989 Rusoord Retirement Home, Lyttleton, Pretoria


Die Hoevelder - Vrydag 1 Desember 1989.


Local historians will be interested to learn and old Carolinans will be
saddened to know of the death on the 7th November of Nellie Maude BRINK (nee
LIVERSAGE) in the NGK Old Age Home ("Rusoord") in Lyttleton, Pretoria.

Every time a Carolina householder switches on a light, or plugs in an
eletrical appliance they re-enact a scene with took place in the 1920's
where Mrs. BRINK wife of Clr. Schalk Richard BRINK pulled at the huge
power-switch which, for the first time in Carolina's history electrified the
town and its surrounds.

Carolina draws her power direct from Eskom these days, but in those early
years, the town started its own Industrial Revolution with the building of
power station in the town, just east of the railway line.

All the dignitaries of the area were present at this grand affair which
launched Carolina into a new era- from what was then nothing other than a
farming village to the dynamic town it is today.

Maude (or 'Maudie' as she was affectionately known) was a great benefactress
to the indigent and underprivileged, expecially during the Depression years.
She was much beloved by the children, especially at Christmas-tide, when the
front garden of Clr. Brink's home sported a huge Christmas tree suitably
adorned and decorated. Gifts were presented to all who cared to come,
especially to those who would receive no other gift than that one given to
them by this affectionate, great-hearted lady.

The Brink couple were known for their generosity, and the 'open-house' they
kept, by the legions of servicemen who were stationed in Carolina prior to
"going up North" during the dark days of the Scond World War. One of
'Maudie's sadest recollections of those war years was her farewell to the
thousands of men who entrained from Carolina to form the 6th Brigade after
the fall of Tobruk.

Nellie Maude BRINK was born on the 2nd November 1899 on the farm 'Fairview'
between Carolina and Wonderfontein. This sheepfarm was owned by her father
Charles Phillip LIVERSAGE of 1820 Settler stock and her mother, Nellie's
(nee Tamplin HART) claim to distinction was that she was a direct descendant
of Col. Robert HART who came out from England in 1795 under the First
British Occupation of the Cape. Soon after his arrival he was granted
letters patent to a large farm, today the town of Somerset-West (actually
Somerset-East) making him and his family and their descendants the first
English Speaking South Africans.

Her husband, Ben, as he was familiarly known, was something of a local
personage too. Not only was he the owner of the Carolina Trading Company (in
Vortrekker Street) but he also served as Chairman of the Finance Committee
of the then Carolina Village Council in the 1920's and 30's. Relative of the
legendary "Onze Jan" HOFMEYR,he was one of the reception committee to meet
the future Edward VIII when the latter, still as the Prince of Wales,
stopped over in Carolina on his official tour of South Africa. Clr BRINK not
only served the community as village councillor, but ran the tote at the
Carolina Racecourse! In addition he was the official driver's licence tester
in those days before the Carolina Municipal Traffic Department. The Village
Council gave him even stranger duties during the war years - in association
with the magistrate, he was required to decide who might obtain fire-arms,
and believe it or not who got replacement tyres!

He serve in the Carolina Commando under Gnl Louis BOTHA during the 1915 SWA
campaign and the family still cherishes today his mention in Despatches by
Gnl. Botha "for gallant and distinguished services in the Field". This
citation is signed by none other than Winston Churchill then Secretary of
State for War. He served with distinction during the DRA Rebellion and after
being promoted to Captain Quarter Master was awarded the Efficiency
Decoration for meritorious service to Carolina Commando in 1943. He retired
in 1945 to Pretoria where he died on the 13th May 1972.

Nellie Maude Brink, who died 4 days after her 90th birthday, was the proud
mother of 3 daughters (two of whom survive her) and 2 sons (both deceased).
She leaves 13 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. Carolina residents
who might still remember the BRINK family, and more especially, Maude, will
be heartened to know that the memories of her life in Carolina from 1899 to
1945 were with her until her last days.

I hope this adds to your knowledge of the family.

Best wishes,

Tombi Peck

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> Hi
> This may be of some help
> A Cornelia Maria Hart aged 25 married a Charles Philip Liversage on the 15
> June 1891 in Barberton. H B Hart was a witness.
> Their children
> Christiana Hendrietta B 29 Apr 1892 Komati Dist Lydenberg
> Charles Cecil b 2 Dec 1893 Carolina
> Henry Hart b 6 May 1895 Carolina
> Maria A? b 19 Jan 1897 Carolina
> Regards
> Pat
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>> Hi Michelle,
>> I can shed a little more light on William HARRISON and his family.
>> Thank you for his exact date of birth. I had found his likely birth
>> record
>> (I knew he'd been born in 1857 in Sussex, England) as the 3rd Quarter in
>> Worthing, Sussex, England.
>> He married Martha Louisa HART on the 3rd June 1891 in Barberton,
>> Transvaal
>> Republic. She was born on the 12th December 1874 but I don't know who her
>> parents were. There are several Martha Louisa HART'S in my HART family,
>> but
>> none link comfortably with her date of marriage to William HARRISON; they
>> were married to other people at the time of that marriage so I have her
>> unrelated at the moment. I have their children as:
>> 1. Emma-Henrietta HARRISON born 29 August 1894 died Unknown married to
>> Philip Rudolph NEL (who is a member of my NEL family).
>> 2. William Thomas HARRISON born 22 Jul 1896
>> 3. David Henry HARRISON born 21 Sep 1898
>> 4. Robert O'Connor HARRISON born 20 August 1900
>> 5. Nellie Thompson HARRISON 4 Jun 1903
>> 6. George Arthur HARRISON born 14 April 1905
>> 7. Reginal Uriah HARRISON born 10 Jun 1909
>> 8. Violet Louisa HARRISON born 7 January 1911.
>> If anyone can 'tidy up' the information on the various Martha Louisa
>> I
>> would be extremely grateful.
>> Best wishes,
>> Tombi Peck
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