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From: "Alan Longbottom" <>
Subject: [SOUTH-AM-EMI-L] Directors in 1935
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 08:08:09 +0100

>From Alan Longbottom at Pudsey

From Directory of Directors 1935

Letter A

Adams Arthur W - of Toronto is secretary and a director of
City of Santos Improvements Co Ltd of 3 London Wall Buildings
London EC2 and is also on the board of the Rio Gas Company.

Adams Mr John FRIBA. of 53 Hans Mansions London SW 3 is on
the board of Consolidated Waterworks Co of Rosario Ltd and
La Plata Electric Tramways Co Ltd and of Monte Video Waterworks
Co Ltd.

Agnew Mr John Alexander - of 49 Moorgate London EC a mining
engineer is a director & chairman of New Goldfields of
Venezuela Ltd and a director of Pato Mines (Colombia) Ltd
and also a director of several South African mining concerns.

Ainslie Mr Charles Bernard of Lissadian South Ascot Berks is
a director of the Falkland Islands Co Ltd.

Aird Sir John - of Toronto is a director of the Brazilian Traction
Light and Power Co Ltd and of the Rio de Janeiro Tramway, Light
and Power Co Ltd. and of the Sao Paulo Tramway, Light & Power
Co Ltd.

Alexander Mr Ambrose - of 1 Langdale Gardens Hove is a director
of Leech's Argentine Estates Ltd

Anderson Mr James - of River Plate Trust Loan & Agency Co Ltd
52 Moorgate London EC is also a director of
Consolidated Waterworks Company of Rosario Ltd
Las Cabezas Estancia Company Ltd
Monte Video Water Worls Co Ltd
Mortgage Company of the River Plate Ltd
River Plate and General Investment Trust Co Ltd (trustee)
Rosario Drainage Co Ltd
Uruguay United Estancias Ltd

Annan Mr Robert - of 38 Orchard Court Portman Sq London W1
is a director of many mining companies in Australia and other
places including - South American Copper Co Ltd

Aramayo Mr Carlos V of 27 Avenue Kleber Paris is chairman of
Compagnie Aramayo de Mines en Bolivie

Armour Mr Andrew Wilson - of Holmecroft, Park Ave Gt Crosby
nr Liverpool is a director of Booker Brothers McConnell & Co
Ltd and also of Booker's Demerara Sugar Estates Ltd.

Asquith the Hon Arthur M - of 1 London Wall Buildings EC2
is a chairman of Brazil Plantations Syndicate Ltd
also chairman of Parana Plantations Ltd
also a director of San Paulo (Brazilian) Railway Co Ltd

Atholl His Grace the Duke of - 98 Elm Park Gardens SW10 and of
Blair-Atholl Castle Perthshire is chairman of the Anglo-Argentine
Tramways Co Ltd and also Vice-Chairman of Bovril Ltd

Austen Mr John Soame of Plumton Hall Whepsted Bury St Edmunds
is a director of Argentine Great Western Railway Co Ltd
and deputy-chairman of Bolivar Railway Co Ltd and chairman of
United Electric Tramways Company of Caracas Ltd
and director of Villa Maria & Rufino Railway Co Ltd

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