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Continuation of John Thompson Street BROWN: On 13 April 1826 John T. S.
BROWN bought 100 1/21 acres from Richard J MUNFORD on the northeast side of
town, and on July 2nd and 3rd, 1827, he bought lot #18. Lot #18 is a corner
lot where BAIRD'S new law office now stands, and is the site of the hotel
that in later years would be known as "Green River Hotel," and the
"CRADDOCK Hotel," "the WALTON House," etc. In the first of these
transactions on July 2, 1827, the deed states that there is a storehouse on
a part of Lot #18 "now occupied by Samuel GARVIN..." and that this part of
the lot had formerly been owned by William WHITMAN." (This conveyance was
made by Samuel and Adin COMBS). The second of these transactions on 3 July
1827 is from Elijah CREEL and James ... rest of page missing). The
signicance of these two deeds lies in the fact that John T S BROWN went to
some trouble to acquire all of Lot #18, and it seems highly probable that
the purpose of his purchase was to own property on which to build a hotel.
Whether he built the hotel on his own or had partners we have not been able
to determine with any certainty. Another important bit of information is
contained in these deeds: the fact that Samuel GARVIN was in Munfordville
in 1827.

In the year 1829 John T S BROWN bought six lots in Munfordville, and in
August of 1837 he bought 409 acres adjoining the northeast side of town
from James E. MUNFORD, a resident of Tipton County, Tennessee. (James E.
could have been either the son or brother of Richard J. MUNFORD). So by
1837 John T S owned a body of over 500 acres of land adjoining the town of
Munfordville, not including some ten town lots.

John T S BROWN was the first postmastr of Munfordville. We have no data at
hand as to when the Post Office was established, but it was prior to 1830.
At hand is a letter written by Patrick BROWN to his brother, John T. S. It
was addressed: "Mr. J. T. S. BROWN, Postmaster, Munfordville, KY." The
letter in part, reads: "Randolph, Tennessee, 15 April 1830. Dear Bro: We
arrived safely at this place last night and I was much gratified to find
our old friend Mr. Rich MUNFORD in good health and spirits. He appeared to
be truly delighted to meet us so unexpectedly, his brother William had not
called to see him. He appears to be pleased with the prospect of doing
business here, but says the place is very unhealthy in the summer of all

to be continued - Sandi

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