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From: Sandi Gorin <>
Date: Fri, 01 Oct 2004 09:06:40 -0500

You know this is my "day off" from the list but Mike Watson, representing
Adair Co, has confirmed that he will be at our 6th Annual Book fair on the
30th. He just sent me a list of the publications that he will be bringing
with him for sale. As promised, I'm trying to post the books that different
counties and individuals will be bringing in case you are too far away to
attend. Here is what Mike has available:

Watson Publications
190 Quirk's Run Road
Harrodsburg, KY 40330-9620

The following books are available from Watson Publications, postage paid!

ADAIR COUNTY 1810 CENSUS, 1802, 1805, & 1810 TAX LISTS: This is a listing
of the 1810 Federal census for Adair, combined with sections from the 1802,
1805 and 1810 tax lists. Tax lists give data on acres, watercourses, for
whom the land was surveyed, etc. The 1810 census lists people not on the
tax list for the year and the tax list gives people not in the census.
Fully indexed, comb binding. $20.00

ADAIR COUNTY BIBLIOGRAPHY: This is a collection of known sources, both
historical and genealogical, for Adair County and her people. There will be
an updated version in 2003 or 2004. Comb binding. $12.00

ADAIR COUNTY 1850 CENSUS, BY Randy Hood Flowers and Watson: This is a
listing of the 1850 Federal census of Adair. Contains all the pertinent
data for genealogical research. Limited number available. Surname index,
saddle binding. $16.00

ADAIR COUNTY 1860 CENSUS: this is a listing of the 1860 Federal census of
Adair. Contains all the usual data for genealogical research plus an added
bonus. One of the two districts of the county contains the county of birth
as well as the state! Surname index. Comb binding. $18.00

ADAIR COUNTY 1870 & 1880 CENSUS SURNAME INDEX: This is a surname index by
precinct for the 1870 and 1880 Adair Federal census. Saddle binding. $5.00

compilation and index of the Adair Circuit Court cases during this crucial,
early period of settlement. Case types include estate settlements, land
disputes and divisions, divorces, cases for debt collection, etc. Most are
non-criminal in nature, but there are a few exceptions. This is a true
treasure-trove of genealogical data. Comb binding, indexed. $20.00

ADAIR COUNTY DEEDS, BOOKS A & B, 1802-1811: This volume is a compilation of
deed abstracts from the first two deed books of the county. Data includes
not only land deeds, but also powers of attorney, apprentice-ships of
children, mortgages, etc. Much genealogical data in these records. Saddle
binding, indexed. $20.00

ADAIR COUNTY MARRIAGE RECORDS 1840-1870: This volume includes an abstract
of all marriage records for this time period that were available at the
time of publication. [See next entry.] It includes a combination of data
from marriage bonds, marriage licenses, marriage certificates, minister's
returns, and the accompanying parental consent notes. Very valuable for
genealogists! Fully indexed, comb binding. $20.00

ADAIR COUNTY LOST MARRIAGE BONDS 1840-1870: When the 1840-1870 marriage
volume went to press, the loose bonds--lost for over a decade--had not been
found. Shortly thereafter, they turned up in storage and were transcribed
for a second, smaller marriage book for the same time period. Over 400
bonds are included, about seventy of these do not appear in the other book!
Indexed, saddle bound. $12.50

ADAIR COUNTY MILITIA ROLLS 1862-1865: This volume is a listing of the
militia-aged men for the Civil War years of 1862, 1863, 1864, and 1865. The
names are arranged alphabetically within each year's list. Comb binding.

ADAIR COUNTY WILLS, BOOKS A & B, 1802-1818: Valuable book for all
researchers of early Adair County! Includes wills, as well as, inventories,
administrations, estate appraisals, and estate sale returns. Comb binding.
$10.00 [To be revised and reprinted in 2003.]

ADAIR COUNTY CEMETERIES, VOLUMES 1-7: Seven volumes of Adair County's
cemeteries. Volumes 1,3,5,6 were prepared by Mrs. Margie Burris Coffey; and
volumes 2,4,7 by M.C. Watson. Volume 4 contains the Columbia City Cemetery;
volume 7 includes additions and corrections to subsequent volumes as well
as a large number of county cemeteries. Each volume is indexed
individually. Saddle bindings. $11.00 each.

CUMBERLAND, AND TAYLOR COUNTIES, PRIOR TO 1900: This is a volume of death
records and notices from various sources including: newspapers, church
rolls, court orders, military and pension records, KY Adjutant General's
reports, etc. Adair was the main interest, but all deaths located for the
listed counties were included. Indexed, comb binding. $20.00

HURT FAMILY OF ADAIR COUNTY: This is the Hurt History prepared in large
part by Judge Rollin T. Hurt while he sat on the KY Court of Appeals. Never
before published, it contains much genealogical data as well as stories and
incidents from the founding of the county to the time of the writing.
Edited by M.C. Watson, who added data not available to Judge Hurt, and
expanded on the Judge's explanations of family relationships using vital
and court records. Indexed, comb binding. $15.00

HURT'S HISTORY OF ADAIR COUNTY: Judge Rollin T. Hurt wrote and published a
series of historical articles in the Adair County News in 1919. These
covered the founding and early history of the county of which his
grandfather, Wm. Hurt, Sr., played a major part. These same articles were
re-printed in the Adair County News in the mid-1980s by M.C. Watson who
edited them and added footnotes and photographs. Indexed, saddle binding.

LOOKING BACK, VOLUME 1: The first of two volumes of edited newspaper
articles of historical and genealogical interest written by M.C. Watson and
published in the Adair County News, Daily Statesman, and Adair Progress
over a period of a dozen years in the 1980s and 1990s. Indexed, saddle
binding. $12.00

LOOKING BACK, VOLUME 2: A second volume of edited newspaper articles. $12.00

LINCOLN COUNTY, KY DEEDS-BOOKS A1 & B1, 1781-1795, by Peggy Selby Galloway,
Ann Jester Pennington, and M.C. Watson: Our earliest KY ancestors' deeds,
mortgages, powers of attorney, even divorces are included in the first two
Deed Books of Lincoln County, one of the original three KY counties!! Fully
indexed, comb binding. $24.00

RUSSELL COUNTY, KY 1860 CENSUS by Jim Garner: Prepared by Russell County
native Jim Garner, this book gives all the pertinent data from the 1860
Federal census of Russell County with the added information of maiden names
for as many of the married females as could be found. Indexed, saddle
binding. $15.00

AN ADAIR COUNTY, KENTUCKY HISTORY, Compiled by M.C. Watson: Prehistory,
Mounds, Native Americans, Geography, Streams, Wildlife, Long hunters, Early
Exploration and Settlement, County Formation, Militia, Courts, County
Officials, Lawyers, Jails, Poorhouse, Stocks, Courthouses, US & State
Senators & Representatives, State Police, Columbia, Gradyville, Fairplay,
Knifley, Cane Valley, Neatsville, and all the other Towns, Villages,
Hamlets, and Post Offices, Farming, Industry, Water Grist and Saw Mills,
Salt production, Tan yards, Distillers, Early Factories, Transportation:
Roads, Bridges, Stage Line, Rail Road, Automobiles, Communications:
Newspapers, Magazines, Phone, Radio. Banks: Columbia, Cane Valley, Casey
Creek, Gradyville, Jesse James, Hotels, Taverns, Merchants; Churches,
Cemeteries, Education: Early, One-two Rooms, High Schools, Columbia
Christian, Lindsey Wilson, Libraries, Historians, Writers; Doctors,
Diseases, Hospitals, Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Mexican War, Civil War
veterans, Actions and stories of the Civil War; Slavery and Blacks in the
County History, Murders, Hangings, Fires, TornadosÂ…524 Pages; Full Name,
Subject, Geographic Index. $44.00

Colonel Sandi Gorin
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