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From: Sandi Gorin <>
Subject: WARREN CO ORDER BOOK 1 - MAY & AUG 1797
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2005 07:35:00 -0500

Continuation of the minutes from May 1797

Road report from AMOS' Ferry on Green River to James BERRY's on Skaggs
Creek - mentions the route which was surveyed by John HOSS, James BERRY &
John HALL - went to PHILIP's Trace, land of Wa. FORMAN, John HALL, Joseph
LOCK, crossed the lands of BLUFORD, Jno MOSS. Approved.

Jacob LOCK appt to oversee this road from the Green River to the ford on
Beaver Creek and Will MAXEY from there to BERRY's on Scaggs Creek (all
Barren Co area).

Robert MOORE gratuitiously gave 2 acres of land for the public buildings to
be built upon. Court set the liquor rates for the year and lodging rates
for the inns.

August 1 1797. Met at Robert MOORE's with James STUART, Geo MOORE and
Robert WALLACE present. William P ANDERSON made motion and he was allowed
to practice as an attorney in Warren Co. Road report from And'w McFADIN's
to HOLMES on Barren River towards the highland salt works, through Jacob
SMITH's plantation, through John McNEEL's plant to the sulphur lick, south
of Jonathan O'NEEL's [sic] plant. Established.

"After reading the act of Assembly for the Division of Logan County it is
of the opinion of this Court that the Settlement known by the name of the
Georgia Settlement is included in this county of Warren and ordered to be
Transmitted to the County Court of Logan."

David JONES, Simon SUGG and Thos FORD ordered to view for a road from
Warren Co courthouse to David JONES's Ferry on the Big Barren River.
Ordered that Phenis COX and George MOORE apportion the lands allotted to
Capt FRAZER and Capt GORIN as overseers of the road from James STUART's
Ferry to Major SHANNON's. Samuel McFADIN and John BAILEY to allot the hands.

Mary ROSE made motion that her son John ROSE be bound as an apprentice to
Elias McFADIN until age 21.

Road report from Charles LUCAS's to JONES Ferry, thence to the 12 mile
grove, thence to Amos Ferry on the Green River. Recorded. Bailey ANDERSON
and Andrew ALEXANDSER joined the Justices and George MOORE stepped down.
Ordered that John NEAL, Vincent ANDERSON, Hiram ONEEL (any 2) to view for a
road from the Dripping Sring to Reason MOBLEY's spring and make report.

Ordered that the Commissioners let the Publick Buildings and the
Commissioners do itin the following manner. A bar to be built for the
benefit of the practicing attorneys to be completely finished; a good bench
for the Courts of the county; a clerk's table, building to have a shingled
roof; floors to be of sawed plant and pinned down. Eachroom to have 2
windows with good shutters and 2 doors to the lower room opposite each
other and a good and sufficient staircase. Adjournment until October 1797.

to be continued next week. Sandi

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