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From: Sandi Gorin <>
Date: Thu, 01 Sep 2005 07:39:50 -0500

6 Mar 1798. Present: James STUART, George MOORE, John MARSHALL, Robert
Jonathan RUSSEL, Gladin GORIN, Edward RICE and James AMOS produced
certificates under the hand of James GARNTTT, sworn in as Justices of the
Peace. John BARKS/BURKS made motion and he is allowed to keep a tavern at
his house in this county. Ordered that 30 acres or more, not exceeding 40
acres of land be vested in the Trustees for the purpose of laying off a
town to include a Courthouse. The name of the town shall be known as Boling
Green. Geo FRAYZER took his oath and was appointed by the Governor as
Coroner; John MARSHALL his security.

Indenture of sale between Abraham CHAPLINE and wife and Will STUART of the
other part; certificate of relinquishment of dower of the land mentioned
and a certificate from the clerk of Mercer Co. Same between Joseph
DELLENDER of the 1st part and George FRAYZER of the 2nd part. Harmon HALKUM
appt Overseer of the ___ instead of Vincent ANDERSON; Will ELLERSON appt
Overseer in the stead of Robert KING. Indenture between Abraham CHAPLINE
and wife of the 1st part and William ALLIN of the 2nd part - relinquishment
of dower and certificate of copy of deeds from Mercer Co. Levi CUMPTON,
Charles FERRELL & John BURLESTON to view for a road from JIMMERSON's near
Pruit's Knob to the mouth of Bays Fork; thence towards BLEDSOE's lick.

John HOUCHIN, Peter SIMMONS, Lewis WILLS and John PHELPS to view for a road
from the courthouse to the county line towards BULLITT's lick and make
report. Michael HALL appt Constable for the county; took oaths; John HALL
security. Ezekiel RAY, John DENTON and Jonathan HOLKUM to view for road
from Will PRYOR's on the middle fork of Drakes Creek to Will ANDERSON's on
the main fork of the creek and that James STEPHENSON, John BUTLER Sr and
Will LIMAN? Sr view from there towards the Logan Co courthouse. John HOWE
produced credentials as a minister of the gospel and allowed to perform
marriages in the county; Robert WALLACE his security. NOTE: John Howe was a
Presbyterian minister and very early had a church in Barren Co; then went
to Green Co where he preached and died. Thos BAITS, Dudly ROUNTREE, Jacob
BAGARD, Thomas MORRISON (any 3) to view for a road from Samuel ROUNTREE's
on the Green River to Prewitt's Knob and make report. Alterations ordered
on the road from AMOS's Ferry to Scags Beaver Creek.

James STUART & William JONES have established a town on their land around
the head of BAILEY's Big Spring, containing about 50 acres, less than 55,
vested in the following Trustees: John CURD, Vincent ANDERSON, Samuel
GOODE, John BAILEY, John SHARP, David HUDSPETH & Gladin GORIN. Samuel
ROUNTREE granted permission to have a ferry on Green River on his lands;
John GARNETT his security. Rates set for using the ferry: Wagon and 4
horses charged 4 lbs, 6 shillings. Man and horse - 3 lbs. Horned Cattle
each - 3 lbs.

to be continued next week. Sandi

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