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From: Sandi Gorin <>
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2007 07:42:24 -0600

CHEATHAM, William, VA, S31607. Appeared in court 13 Aug 1832, age 69. Born
VA 28 Aug 1762. Enlisted Chewsterfield Co VA 1778. Raised in Cumberland Co
and moved to Cumberland Co KY 1807. William BAKER, fellow soldier, made
affidavit and said he was a near neighbor in VA and served under him in the
war. On 7 Mar 1837 soldier had his pension transferred to Hemstead Co
Arkansas where he'd gone to live with his 3 children.

CLAYWELL, Shadrach/Shadrick, VA S30929. Applied for pension 4 Feb 18332,
age 73. Born Worchester Co MD 1760. Enlisted Bedford Co VA 1778; lived
there until 1806 when he moved to Cumberland Co. Fellow soldier, George
RICHARDSON stated he saw him in the army in 1780 or 1781.

CROCKETT, Robert, VA S30353. Applied 11 Feb 1833, age 78. Born B___ Co VA;
enlisted in Sullivan Co NC; moved to Green Co TN shortly after the war and
lived there until about 1800; came to Cumberland CO. Children mentioned but
not named. Fellow soldier James WILLIAMS made affidavit 11 Feb 1833, he age
70. Knew Crockett in Sullivan Co VA in his youth and during the war.

GODFDREY, Elam, VA S10452. Appeared 12 Agu 1832, age 70. Born Chesterfield
Co VA where he enlisted. No other data.

FERGUSON/FERGASON, William, VA W7263. Appeared 30 Sept 1833, age 69. Born
Amelia Co VA 11 May 1764; enlisted there June 1780. Has since lived in
Bedford Co VA, Hawkins Co TN, NC, Pendleton Co SC, to Franklin Co TN in
1811, to KY 1813. Widow was Judah WOODS, d/o Belfield who field her claim
10 Nov 1841 while living in Habersham Co, town of Mossy Creek GA. She born
1775; married Greene Co TN or NC on 10 Feb 1791. She then died 27 Feb 1862.
In 1867 their only surviving child was Andrew J FERGUSON, 47 yrs old. He
remained loyal to the Union and at the beginning of the Civil War moved
from GA to TN. A grandson was James S DAVIS who was living in GA in 1867.
Hugh FERGUSON made affadavit for the widow 10 Nov 1841.

GRYDER, Martin, NC S31078. Appeared 9 Oct 1832, age 81. Born PA 1750.
Enslisted in Burke or Wilkes Co NC 1779 and 1780. Lived since the war in
Madison Co KY, Adair Co KY. Moved to KY 6 yrs after close of the war from
Burke Co NC. Fellow soldier Valentine GRYDER made affadavit for him 9 Sept

GRYDER, Valentine, NC S11082. Lived Rock House Bottom in Cumberland Co when
making application 9 Oct 1832, age 70. Born Loudon Co VA 1762, enlisted
Burke Co NC 1779, lived in Lee Co VA after war. Widow, Mary FUGATE GRYDER
filed her claim 24 May 1853 while residing in Adair Co, age 64. Said they
had married 4 Feb 1816. Fellow soldier Col F H WINFREY made affadavit in
1832. Certified copy of marriage bond filed. Brother to Jacob and Cornelius

GIBSON, John, NC & VA S31065. Applied 29 May 1834, age 83. Born Hanover Co
VA 21 Nov 1750; enlisted Surrey Co NC Sept 1777. Lived since the war in
Henry Co VA (during the war), then Hawkins Co TN, Pulaski & Clay Co KY;
moved to Lee Co VA, then to Knox Co KY, then to Morgan Co TN, then to KY.

GOODSON, William, VA S30440. Made application 10 Apr 1833, age 73. Born
Frederick Co MD Dec 1759; enlisted Botetourt Co VA 1776. Moved to Botetourt
at age 2. After war lived in Montgomery Co TN, to KY in 1800. Fellow
soldier John SCOTT made affadavit 17 Sept 1877 at age 74; knew soldier in VA.

to be continued next week. Sandi

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