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I'm going to try to post this from yesterday and see if it flies today! Sandi

Bear with me please on this laptop!! No word yet of course on my desktop and I'll be away for the majority of the day.

The next membership list is dated 1842 ending the second Saturday in July. Letter means received by letter from another church "of like faith", baptism means they joined by confession of their faith and were baptised), excluded indicates they were taken off the church rolls for a problem of which they wouldn't repent.

Elizabeth Embree letter
Joel Cassady - baptism - excluded
Wm. Faulkner - baptism - excluded
Ann Faulkner - baptism - excluded
John Brockman - letter
Cynthia E. Baker - baptism
John Cox - baptism - dismissed by letter
Jane Cox - same
Frances Butler - baptism
Kittywin Robertson - baptism
John Witt - baptism
Samuel Lain - baptism
Artmicy Monrow - baptism
John Robertson - baptism
Wm. McCandless - same
Nancy McCandless - same
John L McCandless - same
Wm. P. McCandless - same
John W. Slinker - letter
Jesse Penick - baptism - dismissed by letter
Jerman P. Baker - died Monday, 25 Sept 1843
Elizabeth Thompson - baptism
Margaet L. Penick - letter - excluded
Waddy Thompson - baptism
Martha N. Smith - same
Ann Mitchell - same
Hihpatie Trent - same - excluded
Burton W. Carr - baptism
Garrett Lain - same
Nancy Lain - same

to be continued next week - Sandi

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