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From: Sandi Gorin <>
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 2009 08:16:39 -0500

Membership list 2nd Saturday in April 1843.

Francis McCANDLESS by baptism
Janetter L. McCANDLESS, same
John FAULKNER, same
Nancy FORREST, same; excluded
Claborn FORREST, same, dismissed by letter
Frances BLADES, by letter, dismissed by letter
Ruth TRENT, by baptism
Charles WITT, by letter
Polly WITT, same
John YATES, by baptism
Jane, a Servant, by same
Thomas, a Servant, excluded 2nd Sat in Feb.
Nelly, a Servant, by letter, excluded 2nd Sat in Feb.
Spencer, A Servant, by baptism, excluded same
George, a Servant, same, same
Juda, a Servant, same, same
Martha, a Servant, same, same
Old Man Tom, a Servant, same, same
Vina, a Servant, same, same
Macajor BLADES, baptism
Malinda YATES, baptism
Susan STILTS, restored 2nd Sat in Apr 1843.

(I believe the above was the changes reported at the association
meeting that year, and not the total membership).

Entire membership list for 1845, ending the 1st Saturday in Aug.

BROCKMAN, John, by letter
BUTLER, Cynthia E, by baptism
BUTLER, Francis, by same
COX, John, by letter
COX, Jane, same
C___, Burton W, by baptism
EMORY, Elizabeth, by letter
FAULKNER, John, by baptism
HENDERSON, Wm, by baptism - name marked out
HENDERSON, Mary, by baptism
LAIN, Samuel, by same
___, Nancy, by same
LAIN, Lucy, by letter
McCANDLESS, William, by baptism
", John L, same
", Wm. P, same
", Nancy, same
:, Janetter L, same
", Francis, same
MONROW, Artimacy, same
ROBERTSON, John, same
", Kittywin, same
SLINKER, John W, same
SMITH, Martha N(?), restored
THOMPSON, Waddy, baptism
", Elizabeth, same
TRENT, Ruth, same
WITT, Charles, by letter
", John, baptism
", Polly, letter
WILLIAMS, Matthew, same
", Polly, same
YATES, John, baptism
:, Malinda, same
Jane, a servant
Jude, a servant, baptism
Martha, a servant, same
Tom, a servant, letter
Vina, a servant, baptism

to be continued next week. Sandi

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