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From: Charles and Jimmie <>
Subject: Re: Union Men in Marion Co.
Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2000 12:51:56 -0500


In Carl Elliott's, Vol IV, Annals of NW AL, there is a newspaper article
which was published in a Washington, DC, newspaper and it says that
John Kennedy was hung for being a "Union Man".

I don't know who Mr. Mitchell could be. I know in researching Mitchells
of Marion County that there were two different familes of Mitchells. I
one came from York County, SC, and the other from Laurens County, SC.
Whether they were related or not, I don't know. Of my Mitchells, three
brothers, Wm. H., Mitchell, Francis (Frank) Marion Mitchell and John D.
Mitchell served in the 1st AL Cav. Their father was James Mitchell from
Laurens County, SC and Marion County, AL. Francis Marion Mitchell
died of complications of the measels and is buried in the National Cemetery
at Corinth. John D. Mitchell died in Andersonville Prison, GA and is buried

in Andersonville National Cemetery. William H. Mitchell was a teamster
in the 1st AL. His claim for pension stated he was injured in a retreat
from Yellow Creek, MS, when his team of six mules became frightened
and and ran away. I believe William was one of the soldiers among the
300, mostly women and children, and some sick and convalescing soldiers,
who were sent to Illinois during the war. William moved over into Scott
County, MO, where he died.29 August 1893. James Mitchell, the father
of these men was living in McNairy County, TN, in 1880.

The George "Hallwork" referred to, must be George Hallmark. "Tories
of the Hills", by Wesley Thompson, p183, mentions an incident
involving George Hallmark and his daughter, similar to the description in
the report.

Maybe, there should not be a comma between the names Welsly
and Williams, and the person was Wesley Williams. In
Glenda Todd's new book, "First Alabama Cavalry, USA, Homage to
Patrotism", she includes the testimony of Wesley Williams. I believe
her email address is on the Marion County GenWeb page where she
submitted records of the McWhirter Family.


David C Frederick wrote:

> Friends,
> I was wondering if anyone might know this Mr. Mitchell and Abe Canade
> (Kennedy?). This was taken from the OR's General Dodge.
> Jan 1863
> "I will merely state what I know to be true. Abe Canade and Mr. Mitchell
> were hung two weeks ago for being Union men. They lived on the
> Hackelborough Settlement, Marion County, Alabama Mr. Hallwork and
> daughter, of same county, were both shot for the same cause; the latter
> instantly killed. The former is yet alive, but will probably die. Peter
> Lewis and three of his neighbors were hunted down by one hundred
> bloodhounds and captured. The houses of Messrs. Palmer, Welsly,
> Williams, the three Wrightmens,...."
> I think the "Abe Canade" could/should be Mr. David Kennedy ?? Could the
> Mr. Mitchell be Abe ??
> Did Mr. Hallwork, Peter Lewis, Palmer, Welsly, Williams and Wrightmens
> have sons in the Union army" If so what were their names.
> Any thoughts on who might be the "three neighbors" of Mr. Peter Lewis ?
> Thanks for any help.
> Dave Frederick
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