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Excellent response to Josie's concerns.

Is there a "single-source" survey of all the POW camps during the CW ? If
not, perhaps you can develop one.

One of my grandparents died at Point Lookout Prison, MD, a month after the
war was over (of dysentery). Wonder how much death was due to the same
diseases that ravaged the camps vs death from starvation-mistreatment. I
know it was common practice to put prisoners on half-rations during that
time period. Those southern soldiers who became "galvanized yankees" were
motivated by the prospect of getting full rations if they go fight the
frontier Indians. It turned out to be a good choice for most.

Joel Mize

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> Hi Josie,
> If you visit my site you will find many links to other Civil War
> Prisoner of War sites as well as volunteers who are willing to help in
> finding in an impartial manner the information you might be looking for..
> You will also find that I have dedicated my site to ALL of those who have
> lost their freedoms while in captivity and my feelings are that any of
> who died while being held would think they were in the worst of the worst.
> If I lived near any other POW site, I would be giving as much effort into
> what I do no matter which location it happened to be in.
> Union and Confederate sites withheld food as punishment and where the
> camps suffered the cold related deaths,,,the Confederate camps suffered
> heat related deaths suffered the same misery. If you visit my site you
> find that I have dedicated several pages to those 226 guards at
> Andersonville who also lost their lives from the same causes as those who
> were held within the stockade. I just added a volunteer who has some
> on the 12123 prisoners who were held in Elmira including the complete
> of the 2963 who died there as prisoners. ( A 24% rate ). I have subscribed
> to this site , NOT , to cause grief or arguments to those who are looking
> for their ancestors, but to help in finding the elusive ones who have been
> forgotten or lost.
> The address for the Elmira Volunteer is
> If anyone would have any list for any other Civil War POW sites and would
> wish to be added in doing Volunteer research, please let me know.
> Kevin
> Please visit my website dedicated to those Americans who were imprisoned
and died in captivity while in the service to our country
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