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From: Dean Barber <>
Subject: Re: [SOUTHERN-UNIONIST] The Rock House
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2007 10:02:10 -0600
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Clawhammer banjo is two-finger down stroke style of playing banjo that came
from the slaves, as the banjo has its origins in Africa. The three-finger
Scruggs style, so much associated with bluegrass today, is a rather recent
way of playing, starting in the 1940s.

I play the old-style, clawhammer, also known as frailing, a totally
different style and very similar to how the banjo would have been played
during the Civil War by minstrel musicians, slaves, soldiers and other

I will get this CD off to you in the mail today. Please keep in mind that it
was recorded live with no retakes or overdubbing. I tell people that it took
us our third beer before we calmed down.

Please keep us in mind about the play. I think the boys would probably like
to participate in that. Anything to get our message out -- that there were
in fact southerners in blue. Take care,


> From: Quarry Press <>
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> Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2007 09:38:07 -0600
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> Subject: Re: [SOUTHERN-UNIONIST] The Rock House
> Sounds great, Dean. My address is P.O. Box 181736, Dallas, TX 75218. I'd be
> glad to hear from the sons of Anak (I do not know what a clawhammer banjo
> looks like--it sounds kind of dangerous.) and also to meet Timothy Hogan. The
> day after the 1999 descendant reunion of the First Alabama, a bunch of us went
> down to the rock house together. It is a hard place to find.
> FYI. I have written a stage play adaptation of "Southerners in Blue." It was
> originally going to be produced at Looney's Tavern, but then they went out of
> business. There is a group in northwest Alabama that is considering putting
> on the play the weekend of May 5. (And that is why I would be in Alabama.)
> If they do, there would be the possibility of involvement by the First Alabama
> re-enactors, both before the play and as actors during one particular part of
> the play. I think everyone would have a good time with this--both the audience
> and the re-enactors. I should know within the next couple of weeks whether
> this group is going to do the play. If yes, I'll get with you guys to see if
> you are interested.
> Don
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> Sent: Thursday, January 25, 2007 9:14 AM
> Subject: [SOUTHERN-UNIONIST] The Rock House
> Don,
> I would very much like to see you in May and go to the Rock House. Members
> of the 1st Alabama (the reenactors) have been to the Rock House probably
> more than five years ago, but when we searched for it this past fall, we
> could not find it. So thanks for very much for the directions.
> By the way, one of our members -- a school teacher here in Birmingham and a
> fine fiddler player to boot named Timothy Hogan -- has started a draft on a
> novel from the point of view of a 12-year-old boy, one of the Curtis
> brothers. Timothy's family hails from Winston and Walker counties and there
> are Hogans in the 1st. I believe he is a descendant.
> So far, so good, as he has asked me to preliminarily edit what he has done
> so far. Maybe Timothy will share with you his work, to get your opinion,
> when you are here in May. I will make sure that he reads your novel in the
> meantime. I really enjoyed your book.
> Give me your mailing address and I will send you a home-made CD of the Sons
> of Anak. It's our old-time Appalachian string band. Timothy again plays
> fiddle; I play clawhammer banjo and another fellow, Jerry Anderegg plays
> guitar. We play at dances and reenacting events here in Alabama.
> Good to hear from you.
> Dean
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>> Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2007 08:48:05 -0600
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>> Subject: Re: [SOUTHERN-UNIONIST] Non-white Regiments in SC Question
>> Yes, I have, Dean, several times. In fact, I believe it was through the
>> grace
>> of God that I originally stumbled upon it. I was doing research for
>> "Southerners in Blue" and my cousin was taking me to the rock bluff where it
>> was believed that Sanford Trammel met with several hundred potential Union
>> enlistees and those who signed up all became members of Trammel's Company L.
>> On the way there, I showed my cousin the place in the autobiography of our
>> great grandfather, John R. Phillips, where he mentioned the men hiding out in
>> a rock house. We talked about it and finally decided that it was simply a
>> house that had been constructed of rock.
>> We then went to the rock bluff and we were walking around on it. If you walk
>> around on the bluff and you come to the edge of it facing the valley below,
>> there is a sheer drop-off of 20, 30 and even 40 or so feet. While my cousin
>> was resting, I walked to the far edge of the rock bluff and found a place
>> where there wasn't a sheer drop, and I was able to walk down toward the
>> valley. I took a sharp right and walked along the edge of the bluff and
>> eureka! There was a place that was something like the large opening of a
>> cave
>> with the rock bluff above serving as the roof. I walked into it and found
>> that it went all the under the rock bluff for 60 or 70 feet and also was open
>> at the other end. It then occurred to me that this was the rock house. Of
>> course, I didn't discover this place--all the local people know about it.
>> But
>> I was able to make the connection to the hiding place mentioned in the
>> Phillips' autobiography. Its location is consistent with other details
>> mentioned!
>> in the autobiography--for example, it was on land near the Natural Bridge
>> that was owned by Buck West.
>> Here is how to get there: South of Haleyville and near Natural Bridge, there
>> is a gravel road that angles off the main road. This gravel road is the old
>> Byler Road. Down that road less than a half mile is Concord Baptist Church
>> that has a cemetery both beside it and across the road from it. (The
>> cemetery
>> contains the remains of Green B. West, who served in the First Ala. Cav.)
>> There is a path that you can pick up behind the church that takes you down to
>> the rock bluff. Then if you walk to the far end of the bluff, you will find
>> a
>> place where you can walk down off the bluff. When you do, follow the rock
>> formation to the right to get to the rock house.
>> I may be over that way in early May. If yes, maybe we could get a group
>> together and go down there. What do you think?
>> Don
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>> Subject: Re: [SOUTHERN-UNIONIST] Non-white Regiments in SC Question
>> I often need an interpreter and Don correctly understood my point. Don,
>> have
>> you ever been to the Rock House, a place where unionists would hide in
>> northwest Alabama on their way to Mississippi to join the federal army? --
>> Dean
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>>> Subject: Re: [SOUTHERN-UNIONIST] Non-white Regiments in SC Question
>>> Hi Don,
>>> Thanks for the info - I have so much to learn about
>>> the Civil War!
>>> dee
>>> --- Quarry Press
>>> <<mailto:<mailto:%3
>>> Cmailto:>>> wrote:
>>>> Dee, I think the point here is that South Carolina
>>>> was the only Confederate state that did not have a
>>>> Union regiment. Below, Dean was referring to white
>>>> (Union) regiments as opposed to Union regiments that
>>>> were comprised of former slaves, such as the First
>>>> Alabama African-Descent Regiment, a Union outfit.
>>>> Does this answer your question.
>>>> Best wishes, Don Umphrey
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