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Ya, that was exactly what I was thinking. There are so many stories out
there, many of them family stories that are dying out as families die out or
forget them. It would be an interesting way to get some of these things
written down.

Some great topics would include information on the individual votes of
secession (Alabama's first vote (I believe) was 52-48), southern claims
commission. Info on individual counties, biographies on individuals,
individual union units in succeeding states, etc.

There is a wealth of information, and although my field of study has been
quite limited, there are other individuals who have started to put some
things together and I am sure countless others who have not taken advantage
of the Internet to get things going.

I would love to help. Because my time is limited, though, I hope that we can
find a group of individuals who would all like to help out together.


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You mentioned using both a blog and wiki to bring about a greater awareness

of Southern Unionists. How do you see both the blog and wiki working
to accomplish it? I was wondering if the blog could maintain stories, while
wiki could be the maintenance point for other data, such as information
about the respective counties, referendum vote for secession in each one,
and so
forth. A wiki is something that I need to beef-up on. I toyed with them a
bit, but never got one underway. I felt more comfortable using blogs.

So, are you interested in being a co-site administrator or co-author or
co-editor? I'm really excited about the project and hope we can make it a
reputable source for information on the Web.


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You're right...There are a lot of relations in this company, and actually
throughout the unit. Not only was it covered with fathers, sons, cousins,
and uncles, but a lot of these men married other guys sisters, daughters,
and the like. It was truly a family affair.

It might take me a bit to get a detailed family list on this, but I can
provide you a link to each of their individual service histories and family
histories (if I have them) if that would be helpful...


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