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From: "Graham Bedwell" <>
Subject: [SPAIN-L] Fw: New member.
Date: Sun, 7 Apr 2002 18:15:31 +0100


> I hope I am not off topic, but seeking contacts and family members of the
> Spanish
> merchant ship " Cantabria" (ex. Alfonzo Perez) originally based in
> Santander, from 1937 based in England under the Mid-Atlantic Shipping Co.

The Nationalist government tried to recover Spanish ships operating from
England through the courts, but lost and used other tactics to reclaim the
lost ships, most of who were trading from England to Russia.

> The Nationalist Navy took over and armed at least 2 of the Trans -Med
ships in Oct 1936.

The " Cuidad de Alicante" and the"Cuidad de Valencia"(disguised as the
operated in the North Sea in late Oct/early Nov 1938 probably with German

The "Cd.Alicante" captured the "Rio Miera" off Grimbsy and she was returned
to Spain via Germany.

On the 2nd of Nov 1938 The "Cd. Valenca" stalked the "Cantabria" from the
mouth of the Thames finally catching up and challenging off Norfolk. The
"Cantabria" refused to hove to and made a run for British waters. The
"Cd.V." opened fire for 2 hours, untill the "Cantabria" was damaged and
sinking and the first life boat put off to surrender to the "Cd.V."
Luckily the crew of the second life boat were picked up by a passing
merchant ship,
"The Pattersonian" who manoeuvred between the life boat and the "Cd.V."
took the crew to Yarmouth.
Finally the Cromer lifeboat rescued the Captain and family not long before
the "Cantabria" sunk about 10 miles off Cromer.

I have traced descendants of Capt.Blackmore and there are still descendants
of Co'xn. Blogg living and fishing in Cromer Norfolk.
> I am working with the Cromer RNLI. Museum curator on this research
and it is our hope to link the families involved.
> Rescued by The Cromer lifeboat under Coxswain Henry Blogg :-
> Capt. Manuel Arguelles (Asturian), his wife Trinidad, son Ramon (6 years
> old),
> daughter Veyona (8 years old), and 2nd. steward Joaquin Vallejo.
> Rescued by the "Pattersonian" under the command of Capt. Blackmore :-
> Jose Lopez (English Speaking), Pedro Garcia, Fransisco Pou,
> Francisco Garcia, Fernando Manciro, Rafael Leou, Hilaro Trilear,
> Santiago Glorente, Roman Amorebieta, Armando Abad and Manuel Figuciras.
> Surrendered to the "CdV. Valencia" ("Nadia") :-
> 29 persons, 24 crew, 2 women and 3 children.
> Included is the wireless operator Eduardo Collade his wife and 2 children.
> In hope, with regards from Graham Bedwell.

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