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From: "Jonathan W. Leaf" <>
Subject: Narciso Monturiol Genealogy
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2006 21:43:41 -0500
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I too have enjoyed the discussions over the last few days. I thought I would
take a shot and see if any Catalonians know anything about the genealogy of
Narcis (or Narciso) Monturiol, the 19th century submarine designer/builder
who designed and operated the first real submarine off Barcelona in the late

Narciso was born in 1819 in Figueres (Gerona) and died on September 6, 1885.
He had several brothers, the oldest of whom was named Joaquim. He married
Emilia Monturiol ? i Mata in 1846 and had 8 children, only 3 of whom
survived to adulthood. His oldest daughter, Anita (or Anna) married Josep
Pascual i Deop (one of the engineers who worked on Narciso's submarine) in
about 1873. I've heard that their descendants (or the descendants of
Joaquim) still live in Barcelona but I don't know anything about them. Two
of Narciso's sons, Emilio and Joan, survived to adulthood but we know
nothing about them. We don't know if they married or if they had children.
There is a recently published book in English called "Monturiol's Dream" by
Matthew Stewart (which is where most of the above information comes from)
but again there is not much information about Narciso's descendants or other

My wife (Cindy Monturiol) and I have run into a dead end researching her
father's ancestors. Cindy's father, Johnny Monturiol Muñoz was born in San
José, Costa Rica. His father, Juan Monturiol Alcazar, was born September 22,
1907 in Costa Rica and died in 2002. Juan's older brothers and father were
born in or near Barcelona. Juan's father was José Monturiol y Tenorio.

Cindy's father remembers being told about his relative Narciso Monturiol but
no one living remembers any details. It is possible that Cindy is descended
from Emilio or Joan or from one of Narciso's brothers. I read somewhere that
Narciso changed the spelling of his last name from "Montoriol" to
"Monturiol" so it is possible that his ancestors or the descendants of his
brothers go by the name "Montoriol". We have found a lot of information on
the internet regarding Narciso and his submarines but very little about his
family. Cindy was in Barcelona many years ago (before she had any interest
in genealogy) and remembers streets named "Monturiol" and the submarine
statue by the harbor.

There was also a prominent painter of the "Catalan modern school" named
Isidro Nonell y Monturiol who may be related. He was born in 1872 and died
in 1911. We don't know anything about his family.

We would certainly appreciate any information that anyone may have or know
regarding Cindy's Monturiol ancestors.

Thanks, Jon and Cindy

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>I have enjoyed tremendously all the correspondence on 4/12 - 4/13 about
> Asturias, my preferred most beautiful province of Spain, even though I am
> not
> Asturianin but from Madrid. Looking forward to some more stories and
> discussions.
> Gracias. Pilar
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