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From: Barbara Beall <>
Date: Sat, 13 Jul 1996 13:17 -0600 (MDT)

I was at the library the other day and found some things in Nugent,
"Cavaliers & Pioneers: Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents & Grants
1623-1800", Richmond: Dietz Printing, 1934, I thought I would pass along.

p. 185
Mr. Robert Parker, 500 acres in Naswattock River, Northampton Co., 5 Oc.
1649, p. 185. Lyeing N.N.W. upon great Naswattock River from
Mossacotanzick Creek Mouth to Mattawompson Creek. Trans. of 10 persons:
Edward Preston, Robert Speed, 3 tymes, Henry Hudson, JOHN SPENCES (or
Spencer), James Cockdale, Henry croopp, Robert Percivall, John Thomas.

p. 181
William Hoccaday, 900 acres 6 June 1649, p. 169. Beg. at the SE of
Chiskyake side at the head of Arth. Price, adj. his former patent & a cr.
dividing this from land of george Read. Trans. of 18 persons: James
Drapp, Richard Mores, Fra. Pett, Tymo. Turton, Eliza Avile, Joan Cannon,
Francis Crave, Tho. Inarnold (Juarnold), Edward tybatts, John Pye,
Richard Coge, Thomasin Drew, RICHARD SPENCE, Berry _______, Mary Aswell,
Robert Hill, Wm. Norton, Fra. Rowland.

p. 228
John Bennet, of Nomany, carpenter, 150 acs. Northumberland Co, 1 Aug.
1653, p. 3. On east side of Nomany Riv, bounding N.N.W. upon sd. River,
E.NE upon land of Rick Maddocks, W. SW. upon a small creek dividing it
from the land of Goodman, Tasker, & c. Trans. of 3 persons: WILLIAM
SPENCE, Elizabeth bennet.

p. 367
Richard Searle & WILLIAM SPENCE, 60 acres Westmoreland Co., 4 June 1658,
p. 177, (263). Beg. at an oak dividing this and land of John Bennet,
N.N.W up Nomeny River. ENE along land or Rice Maddocks & W along land of
said Bennett. Transp. of 2 persons: Robert Rawson, Pearsie Williams.

p. 300
Edward Simpson, 100 acres, New Kent co, 15 Feb. 1654, p. 310. Beg. at
Peptico Creek. Transp. of 2 persons: Sarah Smith, ROBERT SPENCE.

p. 373.

Lt. Col. Nathaniell Pope, 1500 acres Westmoreland Co. 31 Aug 1657, p.
201, (293). On south side of Patomeck River, 1000 acres on the S & N
side of Chapawansick Creek, E & N on land of Coll. Mathews & c. 500 acres
on N side of sd. Creek, Wly towards land of Mr. Walter Broadhurts & Nly
on land of Mr. Robert Huberd. 1000 acs. by patent dated 6 Sept 1654 by
him surrendered & 500 acs for transp 10 persons: James Johnson, Jno.
Stephens, Edward Conn, Abraham Jenman (Inman?), Robert Jones, Jno.
Browne, Margaret Warren, Hen. Cleborne, PATRICK SPENCE, Tho. Butler.

Also, I found some passenger lists from England in Tepper, "Passengers to
America", Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing, 1977.

p. 81 To Virginia Ship: Mercht. bonaventure, James Ricroste Mr. Dated 1635:

Robert Perryage 40
Francis Spence age 23
Richard Spence(r) age 20

p. 84 To Virginia, Ship: Plaine Joan, richard Buckam Mr. Date 15 May 1635

John Bennetage 18

p. 85
To Virginia, Ship: Speedwell of London Jo: Chappell Mr. Date 28 May 1635

William Spence(r) age 17.

Also in Boyer, "Ship Passenger Lists: National & New England (1600-1825)
Newhall, CA, 1977, v.1:

p. 33

A long parchment record gives a full account of a ship, the Valentine of
London (160 tons), MASTER WILLIAM SPENCE, owners. Henry Slany & Sir
George Crispe of London, Merchants. its destination was 26 Feb 1633 to
St. Michaels & Tarceros in the Azores; there she was to ship a new
Portuguese master & seaman.

Finally, does anyone know anything about the Alexander family of the
northern neck, Virginia? I am about to rule out Ann Dashiell as the wife
of David Spence. The Ann Dashiell transported to Maryland by David was
Ann Cannon Dashiell, wife of James Dashiell. And because of some old
deeds I found in the library, I am beginning to think that David Spence's
wife's surname was Alexander (a possibility since one of their sons bore
the name, Alexander).


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